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Esports Vikings was born early in the year of 2019 by people with a vision. A vision to create high quality esports content in multiple languages, because the majority of good esports content is only available in English, so everyone has a chance to enjoy it. The core of Esports Vikings originates from northern Europe, hence the viking connection and first languages that went live being Finnish and Swedish. 

Our purpose is to provide content that the esports community wants, which is why we want you to give us feedback, suggestions and ideas if you feel like we are lacking something. We listen, because we know that the best ideas come from within the community. 

Esports Vikings content 

The content you find from the Esports Vikings website varies quite a lot. Our bread and butter is the variety of different guides for each game we cover on our websites. We have tried to look at esports from different angles to be able to provide solid content for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have never played any games before, we have built a path that you can follow and learn on the go. We provide two or three gameplay guides for the games, for someone who has never touched the game before, to someone who wants to take the next step and fight amongst the best. If you are not interested in playing, we have a guide just for viewers too, where we go through the basic elements of the game as well as the slang that casters use to make the viewing experience more enjoyable.

We have pages for past and up-coming tournaments and events, we write big previews of those as well so our readers have a chance to get some insight before the tournaments start. This allows our readers to be prepared for the up-coming events and ultimately gives another perspective to the differences between the teams and what to expect. 

Obviously on top of that there is the day-to-day esports news reporting. We are following the scenes of multiple games both locally and globally, and we will be providing fresh articles on a daily basis. We have set a high standard for the quality of our content and we are proud and happy to put our names on it. Hopefully you will share that opinion! 

Esports betting with Esports Vikings 

With the huge growth of esports betting, we consider it one of the most important parts of our content. Teaching how to do it, where to do it and more than anything, how to do it the correct way is something we see as our responsibility towards our readers. 

Through our betting guides we hope to welcome new people to the world of betting, which when done right, can be beautiful. The journey doesn’t, however, end there and we want to provide our readers a full-fledged experience from humble beginnings to an advanced level of betting. This is done through our advanced betting guide and also our game specific guides, where we cover the most important parts to consider for every game specifically.

Esports betting is provided by all big betting operators, just like traditional sports, and it’s very easy to get started. It can be very entertaining and fun if it’s done the correct way, and we are here to provide you the right path on your journey! 

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