From the cold north reigns an ancient war cry that echoes through the mountain pass. A dark figure appears in the horizon and the ground trembles underneath its feet. Pack of crows scream in despair while flying away in fear and you can hear whispers in the wind that makes you question your existence.

Finally a beam of light finds the dark figure and you see the character in its full glory. He stands tall and muscular, with a beam gun on his back and an axe in his hand. Part of his face has been replaced with metal and one of his eyes glows red. The past has risen to meet the future, the era of Esports Vikings has begun.

Esports Vikings takes you on a journey into the heart of esports. Our aim is to provide high quality esports content on a daily basis regarding anything and everything that is going on in the global and local esports scene. We will feature games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Overwatch, PUBG, Hearthstone, and many others, on a day to day basis. Our goal is to be a strong media house in the industry, who also works as a community for people interested in the topics we headline in our content via our Discord server.

Do you know your game ?

Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, someone who loves the game or just wants to bet on it, we have your back! Our game guides have been crafted with different aims and skill levels in mind. Select your game of choice:









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Esports Vikings - Your guide to the heart of esports

Electronic sports have grown explosively throughout the world. All over the globe people are chanting, “TSM” and watching streaming services long into the night. As it is still an emerging industry, there’s no reason to believe this phenomena will pass. It is a very positive development, and with the younger generations maturing to see video games and esports as a societal norm, it will only continue growing. Young people today grow up in an environment where esports are seen as perfectly normal. In some cases esports compete with traditional sports. As a result, esports is being normalized and although still questioned, it has plenty of answers prepared. 

The progress of esports brings several positive effects, one of the big ones is the job creation the industry brings with it. Today, there are pro players signing million dollar contracts and schools handing out scholarships to their Esport Clubs. This is where Esports Vikings comes into the picture as we believe that the amount of high-quality material in the area is never enough. There are still many opportunities for esports in the world that have not yet been realized, and we want to be part of this development.

The most important thing for us is to produce content that interests our followers and readers. We produce quality content in several different languages ​​and always try to listen to the readers' feedback so that we can develop our products. Delivering a product that is exactly what our followers want to read or watch is, for us, the cornerstone of everything we work for.

What is esports?

Electronic sports or “esports”, as it is more commonly referred to, is a collective term for competitions in computer games or console games. These competitions can be played both on an individual level or as a team sport with varying numbers of participants depending on the game being played. Matches and competitions are played both online and at major events organized around the world.

Esports started its history as early as the early 1990s when smaller tournaments were organized and competitions started in arcade games and the like, but the great development came in connection with the massive expansion of broadband around the world, which led to it becoming increasingly common to compete against other players online. Among the pioneers were games like Quake and Starcraft that quickly became the most popular games in the late 90's. The years around the turn of the millennium were the times when esports evolved into what one can recognize even today. Annual tournaments and events were organized and several of these organizers are still active at present.

One of these organizers is Swedish Dreamhack, which organizes the world's largest gaming festival twice a year in Jönköping and has done so since 2001. Interest and the number of visitors increased annually and as esports began to change from something many hobbyists practiced to a very professional and structured business.

Is esports a sport?

A question that is asked over and over again around the world when it comes to esports. There is no clear-cut answer, but there are still ways to help understand what esports is. Many people associate sports with physical activity, which seems logical, but that is not entirely accurate. In order to clarify, we have to travel back to ancient Greece, where the word “athlete” originally comes from.

The word "athlete" comes from the Greek word "athléō", which means that a person competes for a prize. The word itself has no connection to a physical activity, but merely a competition. Generally, traditional sports are physical in nature, but shooting is an Olympic sport that requires little physical movement.

People who make a career in a sport and make sacrifices  fall into this category. It is a lifestyle that requires extreme motivation to exercise, years of dedication and thousands of hours of hard work. Of course, there are no guarantees on their success. This is especially true in esports where competition is stiff and to get to the top requires at least the same commitment as in most popular traditional sports. It's simply more than just tapping the mouse and keyboard.

Getting to the top in one of the major esports games is an incredibly long road. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of players play games and try to be the best of the best, but only a small number ever manage to make it. The illusion that competitive players in esports are nerds living in the basement of their parents homes happily begins to crack. Players must focus on both their physical and mental well-being in order to perform at the maximum level.

A good physical condition is crucial to a person's well-being, sharpness and mental balance. It is something that is incredibly important in most games where reflexes and quick decisions are the cornerstones of success. A good mental stage also helps players in stressful situations inside the games where the mentally weak player often ends up losing. Many pro players start the day by going to the gym or by getting physical activity started with other physical activities, which is immediately necessary for maximum performance. 

Video games themselves are not physically demanding, traditionally, but the difference between a casual gamer and a pro gamer is the same difference between one playing in a family Football game over the Holidays and a pro player.

In short - esports are not traditional sports, they are their own sports, even different from each other.

What are the biggest games in esports?

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
    • A 5v5 First Person Shooter (FPS). Released in 2011 as a successor to CS 1.6.
  • Dota 2
    • A 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). 
    • Released in 2013 as a sequel to Dota.
  • League of Legends (LoL) 
    • A 5v5 MOBA released in 2009
  • Starcraft 2 (SC2)
    • A 1v1 Real Time Strategy game released in 2010 as a successor to StarCraft.
  • Overwatch (OW)
    • A 6v6 FPS released in 2016.
  • Fortnite
    • A Free For All Battle Royale (BR) with  Solo & Squad games released in 2017.
  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
    • A Battle Royale with 4 player squads released in 2017

The most popular esports game in the world in March 2019 was Fortnite with its 250 million active players. Several other games on this list also have an extremely large number of players and as the game ages, the prize pools grow at a similar speed. In 2019, several tournaments were played where the prices are tens of millions of dollars. The largest at the moment is The International 2019 for Dota 2, which boasts a prize pool of over  $30 million, which is distributed among the 18 participating teams.

In many of these games, it is also common for players to have fixed monthly salaries and contracts that are very lucrative. That's a difference from the games that have the bulk of money in tournaments and their prize pools. Then, of course, the effort in the most important tournaments becomes extremely important, but no matter how it plays out, it leads to incredible entertainment.

How do you become a competitive player?

The answer lies in extreme motivation, training, endurance and a small amount of luck. The difference between casual players and competitive players is huge and the road to the top is a long and tricky one. There are hundreds of millions of players around the world. Fortnite has over 250 million players at the beginning of 2019, at a professional level, only a few hundred players will play, depending on which tournament we are talking about.

In other words, there are a lot of players, but of course not everyone is taking them that seriously or are trying to become professionals. Of those who still put all their time and effort into it, very few succeed. Usually, it is a long process that starts at casual play to starting to play at a higher level, which then leads to intricate team play. It is a long journey for anyone who wants to succeed and along the way may need some luck by meeting the right people or creating a team that works well together. It should also be noted that natural talent exists in esports, just like in traditional sports. That being said, there is always a mix of both that can take players to the top.

How does esports create jobs?

Esports offer countless opportunities on the job front and being a professional player is only part of it, we would like to call it the tip of the iceberg. Already today there is a whole mess of jobs in the industry, although the need for skilled workers is only increasing as the industry grows. Organizations within the various games currently employ physical and mental coaches, writers, video producers, analysts and PR managers. Many jobs are also in freelance, which can include writing, photography and more. As interest in esports grows, more and more of all these parts are needed and it is a circle that lives its own life.

On top of that, it is also growing when it comes to the gaming companies, who are constantly trying to create the next big game that can break into the market. In short, the choices are many, and often creativity and new thinking can lead to opportunities no one could have imagined just a few years ago. The need for people who are interested and motivated is constantly growing in the flowering industry.

Esports guides for playing and watching games

Esports Vikings offers readers the opportunity to learn about various esports games through guides. We have worked hard to give our readers guides of the highest quality possible to play, watch or bet on the games.

The game guides are divided into two or three categories, depending on the game. There is always a guide for brand new players, where we teach the basic concepts of the game and the things that are most important when you first start your journey. Many of the games have a great depth and although it is difficult to learn everything at once, we try to help you get a foot in the door through the beginner's guides. This way, new players can get started easily.

For more intensive games, the second guide is aimed at players who are familiar with the basic things of the game and who understand its dynamics. These guides go into details that differentiate the average player from a good player. With this, a casual player can find new dimensions in their playing and perhaps find motivation to take another step forward in their development.

The middle guide for games with three guides is aimed at players who have played for a short time, but still have learned the basics of the game. We have highlighted some points that are too advanced for a new player, but a player who has some experience will be able to benefit. These guides should help take the next step in development and understand the game on a deeper level. In other words, they are preparing to begin their journey towards more difficult challenges within the game.

The games with three levels of game guides are: Dota 2, League of Legends and CS: GO. These so-called professional guides will dive into small details of the game that are the difference between good players and players who are on the way to a professional level. It can be decisions made within tens of seconds or small tips and tricks that make the difference. For these guides we have consulted professional players with many years of experience behind them. Through their help, we have been able to develop guides that should be able to help players at most levels when they want to go deeper and take the next step towards the top.

For each game there is also a viewer guide, the purpose of which is to help in looking at the game itself. At present, many people do not play the game in question, but prefer to only look at professional matches for the entertainment. Although all games go under esports, the difference between games is very big. Therefore, we believe it is important to provide high quality and informative guides for all games. This maximizes the viewing experience, as in many games there are many slang words and concepts that are difficult to learn without guidance.

The last type of guide we offer is betting guides. We have general betting guides where we learn how it works, how it is done correctly and everything else around betting, but we also have a specific betting guide per game. We have chosen this arrangement because the games differ so much that it is important to teach what applies to each game individually. The most important thing for us is to illuminate the back of betting and how you as a player do it safely and well. We want to welcome new players who want to enjoy esports betting, without having to go through the negative sides that still exist and too many people encounter, especially when they are new to it.

Esports betting

Esports would not have grown to where it is today if it were not for the money sent in by various gaming companies. Many organizations have had generous sponsorship agreements for years, and the same goes for most esports tournaments. Gambling has its drawbacks that can't be ignored, but we still want to highlight that the money these companies provide is a significant part of the growth we've seen in esports. Betting as a hobby can add more interest to matches and be very entertaining, as long as it is not derailed and misunderstood. It is important for players to set their own financial limits and that you do not play with money you cannot afford to lose. Gambling is not for everyone and if you are not interested in this you can leave it unread. 

Can you bet on esports?

The answer is Yes.

It is just as good to invest money on esports as any traditional sport. The first bets from gaming companies with legitimate licenses began in the mid-2000s. In 2007 and 2008 it gained more momentum, with explosive growth from 2010 onwards.

Early on, players with good knowledge of the games were able to make relatively "easy" money, as the operators did not have sufficient control of the quality or circumstances of the team. The odds were often flawed and players could use this to their advantage with a little basic research. However, this has changed significantly in recent years and at present the operators have a good track of the situation, in the style of more traditional sports.

How to get started with esports betting?

Betting on esports can be started in exactly the same way as with traditional sports. You choose one or more betting companies that best suits you, make a deposit and then simply place your bets.

For beginners in esports betting, we highly recommend our guides as they give you a good idea of ​​everything you should think about before making your first deposit. The most important thing is to have a personal budget that is then followed and upheld by yourself. The most important thing is to never gamble for more money than you can afford to lose and never push those limits

When we talk about gambling itself, the most important part that always will be the most important part is the preparation. The more information you have at hand, the easier it is to find winning games. When you are aware of the level of the team, potential player changes, stand-ins or similar circumstances, it is much easier to judge if the odds are set correctly. If a big favorite is going to play with a different player than they usually do and you know this, you can find lucrative odds as the team is significantly weakened without the gaming companies knowing it. Information like this is always worth looking for and paying attention to.

There are many more things to say about betting in esports, but one thing is certain, it is easy to get started for anyone who is interested.

How to choose the right company for esports betting?

Simply put, just go through the list of companies that offer esports and choose the one that suits you best. The important thing to point out is that it is much more the feel and appearance of the page that is important in this equation.

The first thing we always recommend is to check the company's licenses. If the company does not have a license, do not deposit money there, as the company operates outside laws and regulations, which means that your money will always be at risk. The best license for players residing in the EU is a license issued by the Maltese Gaming Authority, MGA. MGA ensures that all games are fair and that players can be assured that they are dealt with properly. The advantage of companies operating under the MGA license is that all profits are tax-free. Of course, there are also reliable companies with licenses issued by Curacao or the Isle of Man, but the disadvantage is that profits from these should be reported to the tax authority. Therefore, we recommend that you select a number of companies that you then compare with each other before making your final choice. When it comes to choosing companies, another important part is what they offer for games and markets.

The more alternatives there are, the better it is of course. Normally, a lot more than just winners are offered at matches, such as the total number of kills in a match for MOBA games or round handicaps for FPS games where first to X number of rounds wins. From a gaming perspective, this is perhaps the most important thing of all, along with how good their live betting is. Of course, all this is personal and it is up to everyone to decide what is important. More about betting can be found in our general and game specific betting guides where we go through what different betting markets are available for each game. 


What is esports?

Electronic sports, or esports is competitive video gaming in a nutshell. Professional esports athletes play against other players or teams, just like in traditional sports. 

Is esports a sport?

Yes, esports is a sport. If being a professional competitor makes a person an athlete, then esports should also be considered a sport. To someone from the outside it might look like "just playing games", but being a professional esports athlete requires the same dedication and sacrifices as any other traditional sport athlete has to make. Therefore, esports is definitely a sport!

Which games are the biggest esports game?

Biggest esports games are Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), League of Legends (LoL) and Dota 2. One could argue that Starcraft 2 and Overwatch are in the loop, but their following is much lower than the big three. A new addition that will most likely be considered one of big ones in the future is surely Riot Games's newest title, Valorant. 

How do you become an esports player?

To become a professional esports athlete is not an easy task. It takes thousands of hours of practicing and dedication, mixed with talent. All professional athletes have to make sacrifices, and esports is not any different from that. 

What's the difference between esports and gaming?

Gaming is casual gaming, and esports means competing on a professional level. In a nutshell, all gaming that's casual is normal gaming, and when the casual gaming switches into semi-pro of professional level, it becomes esports. 

Where can you watch esports?

You can watch esports pretty much all over the internet. Majority of the competitions are streamed in Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. There are quite a few different streaming platforms where you can follow different esports games, and recently esports has been starting to air on live TV too.

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