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Fully transparent
Focused on esports
Innovating esports betting
Esports betting at Coolbet - the best odds on the market!

Bet on e-sports at Coolbet - play with the best odds on the market!

Coolbet is still a young company, as they opened their doors in 2017, but it is hardly anything negative as the company has entered the scene with innovative thinking and they have quickly become a favourite among the players! The company specifically targets the Scandinavian market, which we see as a big plus. Coolbet is also investing heavily in esports, which quickly becomes obvious when entering the site. Betting on esports at the company consists of major titles such as DOTA 2, League of Legends and CS:GO, but also several other games such as FIFA, Starcraft 2 and Rainbow Six. The range of these games is also huge and the fact that the company was named the start-up of the year during its first year says a lot.

Fully transparent
Focused on esports
Innovating esports betting

At the moment Coolbet does not offer any bonus, but do not let it fool you - instead, Coolbet offers the best odds that can be found by taking a smaller portion of the cake itself. This is better for most players in the long run than a bonus and when we have the goal of winning in the long run it suits us perfectly! Precisely the high repayment is something Coolbet emphasize as its strength along with its transparency. At Coolbet you can see exactly how much has been played on each team before the matches, something we think is really modern thinking that says a lot about the company. With that said, let's take a look at how Coolbet stands up against its competitors when it comes to esports betting. Come along!

Coolbet Overview

Available esports games CS:GO, League of Legends, DOTA2, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Starcraft 2, Rocket League, King of Glory, Hearthstone, Fortnite
Tournaments / Leagues All the major leagues and tournaments are offered at Coolbet such as: IEM, ESL, FLASHPOINT, LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL, LJL, OWL
Welcome Bonus No
VIP Program No
Payment methods Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, Skrill, NETELLER, paysafecard
Customer service Live chat, Mail
Mobile app Yes, Android and iOS.
Minimum deposit 10€/$
Minimum withdrawal 20€/$
License Malta Gaming Authority

Odds for esports at Coolbet

Coolbet has quickly become a favorite among players as they have distinguished themselves as one of the best betting companies on the market and their high payback to the players is unique. This combined with their initiative to be 100% transparent with how much has been played in each betting market makes Coolbet one of the most innovative and modern betting companies on the market.

There's really nothing we can complain about when it comes to betting on esports at Coolbet as they offer matches from all the big games like Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Starcraft 2, FIFA and many more. The markets for these are also very broad and the odds offered are market leading. The live betting section also delivers at a very high level, as the supply there is also very large. Betting at Coolbet is consistently at a very high level and playing with this company is a joy!

Available esports games at Coolbet

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Counter-Strike has been one of the biggest esport games for close to 20 years and when tournaments like IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne still are massive fan favourites, it’s easy to understand the game ain’t going away anytime soon. Super exciting fast gameplay, mixed with great clutch moments make CS:GO one of the best games to bet on. At Coolbet all games from big tournaments are offered and on top of that the selections in each game are very broad.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a massive MOBA game that each and every year concludes its play with The International. The tournament has hoisted the biggest esports prize pool year by year and we can expect that trend to continue. Dota 2 suits itself perfectly for betting as there is loads of different betting options with each game and tournament. Coolbet offers all big games, but also massive markets for the games itself.

League of Legends

Like Dota 2, League of Legends is a MOBA game that has gained the love of the esports community. The game has consistently seen the biggest viewership in all of esports and as such the betting scene has also quickly established itself. Coolbet offers all the big leagues such as LEC, LCS, LCK and LPL with great markets for every single game.


Overwatch has grown as both an esport, but also as a betting object since its release in 2016. The game is an FPS game and even if it doesn’t reach the heights of CS:GO, there is a big fan base who love the game. Overwatch League (OWL) is the main league of the game and games are offered close to a daily basis during the season. Each and every game is offered by Coolbet.

StarCraft 2

StarCraft is the game that has shaped the esports scene as we know it today. The successor, SC2, is still very popular, even if it has fallen behind the “Big Three”. Tournaments such as IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League (that replaced WCS) are huge events that the fans love. Betting on SC2 can be incredibly entertaining as the game is super fast paced and action packed!


This highly popular card game is no stranger to big esports events and the Hearthstone Masters Tour offers exciting games all year around. Betting on Hearthstone can be tricky with its random elements, but for the knowledgeable bettor it can turn out really well. 

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Another Battle Royale that has grown immensely popular is PUBG, who challenges Fortnite for the BR-throne. Super exciting games played that guarantees interesting endings and as such, excites every betting enthusiast. Like Fortnite it ain’t no easy to task to be a successful bettor in the game, but with knowledge and patience it’s also not impossible.

Other games

Coolbet offers a lot of games in addition to the biggest ones we mentioned above and they are constantly adding new titles. It is very gratifying to see that Coolbet takes esports very seriously and below are some of the other games available at Coolbet.

  • Rainbow Six
  • King of Glory
  • FIFA
  • NHL
  • Starcraft

These games may not be as popular as some others, but the fact that Coolbet offers them on a daily basis is a huge plus for us esports enthusiasts. To start betting on these games, we strongly recommend that you read our betting guide to get yourself going. 

Fully transparent
Focused on esports
Innovating esports betting

Deposits and withdrawals

At Coolbet, all the most common options are offered when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit is 10€/$ for all payment options, while 20€/$ is the minimum withdrawal offered. At Coolbet there are no hidden fees and deposits / withdrawals are always free and processed very quickly. Since different countries and currencies might vary in other details we always recommend you to check the Payment Information at Coolbet  before you sign up with them.

Functions and user friendliness at Coolbet

Navigating among the odds at Coolbet is very smooth and easy, for both traditional sports and esports alike. Scrolling through the menus is as easy as it gets and their choice to see matches starting within 1/6/24 hours makes it very easy to find matches and odds to bet on. Besides that, their search function is smoother than many competitors and there is no doubt about Coolbets philosophy - it is obvious that the company has invested heavily with their players wishes in mind, and it could hardly get better at this point.

For live betting, there are streams to most esports matches, which we see as a big plus as it saves a lot of time when you can directly check out the match you are interested in betting on. We are beginning to understand Coolbet's rapid progress as one of the best betting companies in the esports market, as they seem to have thought of close to everything.

Coolbet on mobile

Coolbet has had an iOS and Android phones app since 2018 and it is very welcome as several other companies have not kept up with this development. The app itself is very smooth and makes the gaming experience on your phone something out of the ordinary. A very simple and smooth design makes this app worth its weight in gold, as you can find matches, leagues and game items in a few clicks. Once again, it is clear that Coolbet listens very closely to its customers and does everything to improve their experience. Coolbet’s mobile app oozes with quality on all level. Esports betting on mobile has never been easier and when many of us are on the run more than in front of a computer this is one of the absolute best options we have seen so far!

Coolbet's customer service

English speaking customer service is available around the clock through live chat and email. Our experience with the support at Coolbet has been nothing short of amazing - very fast response times, accurate answers and solutions binds it all together as one the best support we have seen. Usually we count in terms of minutes to get help with issues at a betting sites, at Coolbet we had to go down to seconds. 

Registration with Coolbet

Signing up with Coolbet is as easy as it gets. Simply press the “Register” button and then provide the mandatory information such as email, password, phone number and you location to move on. As always when registering with a sportsbook take a good look at the terms and conditions. As is ruled by regulation you will have to provide Coolbet with verification of your identity(KYC) before making withdrawals. This is a mandatory process to protect all parties involved. Once your account has been created you are able to claim the deposit bonus and start betting on your favorite esports game!

Responsible gambling

As Coolbet is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, they are required by law to meet certain responsible gambling standards. The website offers various links to self help groups and has deposit limitations that can be set in the players account settings.

Security, integrity and fair play

Coolbet uses the highest level to ensure that their customers' private information is protected. Their Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license ensures that the legislation is kept on all points. The safety of Coolbet is indisputable and with this company you can feel safe!

Coolbet: Our conclusion

Coolbet's esports betting is of the highest quality on a number of points, but let's summarize why Coolbet stands out from the tough competition. The simple, but still innovative way to present games, matches and markets is undoubtedly one of the biggest positives, as it makes the bettors life very easy. The esports game selection is broad and Coolbet seems to always add more and more on top, which makes it suitable for more people all the time. Our view of Coolbet is simply that they stand up very well at all points against their competitors, but they have also taken it a step further by investing hard on esports and by offering world class odds. Coolbet's fantastic transparency is another reason why they are unique in the esports market and why we recommend them highly. They may be a newcomer on the market, but right now they are basically doing everything right and it looks like Coolbet is going towards a very bright future, especially when it comes to esports betting, and we hope you jump on the train!

Fully transparent
Focused on esports
Innovating esports betting


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