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Big esports selection
Esports comes first
Great bonus
Loot.Bet Operator Review

Esports Betting with Loot.Bet

Prepare to Loot

At first glance, Loot.Bet can be a little daunting to first time users, but after a little bit of exploring through the full access without an account website, it becomes quite familiar very quickly. Once that familiarity sets in you are met with a wonderfully organized front page. One of the best parts about Loot.Bet is the selection of games they have to bet on, as well as the pairing of tournaments available. Loot.Bet is licensed by the ESIC and Gaming Curacao and boasts a Seal of Approval from the PCI DSS. Loot.Bet is an established Esports Betting Operator but does find themselves unable to provide services in quite a few big Countries, so make sure to check out their FAQ before you set up an account! For the places it is available we highly recommend it’s services, which we will breakdown here.

Big esports selection
Esports comes first
Great bonus

Loot.Bet Overview

  • Available Esports: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch, King of glory, FIFA, StarCraft, StarCraft 2, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, NBA 2k, Hearthstone, Underlords, Player Unknown BattleGrounds, Smite, Arena of Valor, Street Fighter 5, Quake Champions.
  • Tournaments and Leagues: All major and minor leagues with some lower league stuff for all major Esports!
  • Welcome Bonus: Upon creating an account they offer a double your first deposit bonus as well as 10 free spins on one of their Casino games.
  • VIP Program: None currently 
  • Other bonuses: Loot.Bet offers quite a few different bonuses but the biggest ones are their “Code bonuses” such as “Code SPRING” to participate in a 200 Euro rollover bonus. They send email offers as well as have a rolling add space to promote other current offers on their site.
  • Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, MNP, Skrill, NEteller, ecoPayz, QIWI, Yandex Money, moneta ru, Skinpay, and Crypto Currency options.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support via Phone and Email
  • Deposit Limit: None
  • Withdrawal Limit: you cannot withdraw from your account until your account is verified.
  • Licenses: Gaming Curacao, ESIC

Esports Odds at Loot.Bet

Loot.Bet arre established as Esports Betting Operators and as such they often have accurate and realistic odds. They do lack some competitive odds but the straight up accuracy of their odds are a great indicator that they are trustworthy and know their stuff. If you’re looking to play a 100% fair game, then this is the place to go for sure. Before ever making an account you have full access to all the odds they currently offer, which always helps interested gamers to do their research or even compare odds and make sure you’re getting the best odds for your bet! They also offer Draw bets at surprisingly great odds and honestly you’ll just have to research the games you’re interested in to decide if Loot.Bet is right for you.

What Games are offered at Loot.Bet

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The game that has survived every hit and blow its way. Still the leading FPS-game out there when it comes to esports. If you want to learn more about betting on CS:GO - check out our betting guide specifically aimed towards the, possibly, most exciting esports title out there! 


DOTA 2 is another game that has survived the age of time and still leads the way when it comes to competitive esports gaming! Every year this amazing game reaches its climax when The International kicks off as it boasts the biggest prize pool in esports history. To learn more about betting specifically on DOTA 2 check out our betting guide!

League of Legends

Another great MOBA game that has taken the world by storm since its release in 2009. With some of the biggest viewership numbers in the world of esports, League of Legends is one of the most popular games to bet on. For more information about betting on League of Legends, we highly recommend our betting guide!


Overwatch has quickly become one of the most liked games in the world. On the betting side of things it is no different as Overwatch is very popular through the Overwatch League (OWL) and Bet365 offers every single game from it! To learn more about how to bet on Overwatch you can our betting guide for it here.

Starcraft 1/2

Starcraft truly is the grandfather of all esports, as it helped to shape the esports scene as we know it. The game is still hugely popular and the biggest tournaments are IEM Katowice and the new ESL Pro League that has recently replaced the WCS. If you want to learn more about this fast paced and exciting game you can read our betting guide! 


This highly popular card game is no stranger to big esports events and the Hearthstone Masters Tour offers exciting games all year around. To get you going with betting on Hearthstone we recommend reading our betting guide!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Another Battle Royale that has grown immensely popular is PUBG, who challenges Fortnite for the BR-throne. Super exciting games played that guarantees interesting endings and as such, excites every betting enthusiast. You can learn more about betting on PUBG by reading our betting guide for it!

Other Games

  • Rocket League
  • Dota Underlords
  • Smite
  • Arena of Valor
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Quake Champions
  • Call of Duty
  • NBA 2k
  • Rainbow Six

These games may not be as popular, and some of them host tournaments few and far between, but they are still offered when they are happening! One thing to note is that Heroes of the Storm is also listed, but as the competitive scene has died out since 2019, Loot.Bet may be a bit behind the times. Nevertheless those few games they offer, that don’t have many tournaments, aren’t listed on many other sites which is a huge positive for Loot.Bet.

Big esports selection
Esports comes first
Great bonus

Does Loot.Bet have any Special Offers?

Loot.Bet does fairly well when it comes to special offers, they have their initial welcome bonuses as mentioned before, where using a code sent to your account email will match your first deposit. They also have a good cumulative bonus that acts like a Cash Back bonus! Most of their bonuses require a few bets to take place before you can cash them out. One of these bonuses is a $200 multibet bonus that you have to bet over 4 different games twice in order to cash it out. At time of writing, they offer a special incentive bonus where you can donate a portion of your winnings to COVID-19 Research while getting an extra 10% Cash Back! Loot.Bet also has special promotions that you can take advantage of via email over the course of the year. Overall Loot.Bet does an awesome job with their bonuses and know how to make players feel rewarded for betting with them.

How do Withdrawals and Deposits work with Loot.Bet?

Depositing with Loot.Bet is pretty simple, you click the deposit box in the top left of the website and are taken to a page where you select the currency you would like to deposit, they allow USD, EUR, RUB, PHP. MBTC, and ETH deposits. After you select you can opt out of using a bonus code or type one in to make use of any bonuses you may have, and then you select the payment method in which you wish to use! Once all that is done you confirm and you’re off to the races.

When it comes to withdrawing funds you can do so in a very similar manner. At first you will be limited to how much you may withdraw but after taking steps to verify that you are legally allowed to play on their site you will have the withdrawal limit increased. Then you may withdraw in whatever currency you prefer and can bank your winnings with ease.

How is the User Experience at Loot.Bet’s Website?

As mentioned before, the first glance at Loot.Bet is a little daunting, but there are many more Operators that have much more complicated websites. After some fooling around you can familiarize yourself with the site pretty quickly.

The homepage throws you into the betting action from the get go, prioritizing Live matches and odds for anyone who knows exactly what game they want to bet on that is currently taking place. The list is in Chronological order so future games are found lower on the list while games taking place soon are found higher up the list. If you are looking for a specific match and on a particular busy day can’t seem to find it on the main page there are plenty of tabs available to break your search down and make it easy to find the specific match you may be looking for.

The scrolling ad space was what threw us off a little bit but it actually suits the theme of the website with the graphics displayed behind their announcements. Above everything at the top of the page is the main section of tabs where you can select how the odds are displayed, quickly deposit funds, access your account, and switch between the main page and the game/ladder pages.

At the bottom of the page (if you can get there on a busy day)Loot.Bet offers their licenses, a FAQ section, links to their Support lines and their Terms and Conditions links. Loot.Bet has a pretty great website and offers users stress free Esports Betting with a little something extra on the side.

Is the Customer Support at Loot.Bet good?

Customer Support with Loot.Bet is quick and easy. They offer 24/7 service and you contact them via Live Chat, Phone or Email at any time. Resolution with Loot.Bet takes very minimal time, as long as it is a fixable issue, and as such they should be commended for their customer service.

There is a minor issue with the Customer Support section Loot.Bet offers on their website, aside from Live Chat, their phone number and email address is found at the bottom of the main page which on a busy day in Esports, can mean a lot of extra scrolling and if a game starts or ends the page resets back to the top which leads to a little extra hassle sometimes. This issue shouldn’t be nearly enough to warrant using a different Operator but is important to note all the same. 

How do I Register with Loot.Bet?

Loot.Bet’s steps to registering an account are really simple, all they need is an email and a password and for you to check that you are 18 years old, and have read the Terms and Conditions and your account is created. In theory you could make an account even if you weren’t a resident in a country Loot.Bet is licensed in, but you can’t withdraw your winnings without verifying your identity.

Once registered you should verify all the required information before depositing any funds so that you can make full use of the website. They require a driver's license or a passport from your respective country and a separate photo of you to compare. After that's all said and done you can deposit and withdraw funds the way you want!

Responsible Gaming

We should all always make sure that we are betting responsibly and Loot.Bet does their part to help those of us with a little less restraint. Though they themselves don’t offer account limitations or any other type of self aware restrictions, they do have a lengthy “Responsible Gaming” tab that offers a lot of information on how to bet better and bet responsibly.

Security and Privacy

Loot.Bet offers a lot in the way of security, they have the PCI DSS seal of approval for following the correct procedures to ensure personal information of the player’s account is kept private and is protected. They do take some of your information to verify your identity, banking credentials, and just make sure that you are who you say you are. All of the data they collect and what they do with it is listed in their Security and Privacy tab.

Loot.Bet: Our Conclusion

Wherever Loot.Bet is available, it is in the forefront of the Operators in the market. They offer some of the most fair odds and take every precaution to ensure that things are done correctly. The few hangups we have with the site itself don’t get in the way of what Loot.Bet appears to represent and as such, Loot.Bet promises a lot of great times for any player. They do offer great bonuses and then have the Cash Back system that we always see as a plus. If Loot.Bet is an Operator licensed in your country, be sure to check them out and give them a try!

Big esports selection
Esports comes first
Great bonus


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