Fortnite Chapter 2 Changes

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 1

What happens to Arena in Ch. 2?

With the new release of Fortnite: Chapter 2, comes a lot of changes to the core game as well as a full reset to our earned Hype in both Squad and Solo Arena. In order to play in the Champion series tournaments you will still have to be a part of the Champion League. With a full Hype reset expect every lobby to be extra competitive as those who were once Champions are pursuing that title once again.

FNCS Changes.

The Fortnite Champion Series stays as the “seasonal cadence” for the competitive Fortnite scene which started 11/1/2019. Overall it stays relatively the same but some of the changes include:

  • More qualification spots in weekly qualifiers
  • No trades between qualified teams
  • $5,000,000 total prize pool across all regions and competitions
  • New platform specific tournaments.

The changes are miniscule but also a bit of fresh air for those who barely missed the cup or found themselves in precarious situations with their current squads. The 5million across all tournaments is a strong driving point for anyone to want to win.

Warming Up.

There was an FNCS warmup tournament a week before the competitive season began, a nice touch that allowed everyone some nice practice time for the 1st season of Chapter 2. This should be recurring for each new season in Chapter 2. The extra practice time is a nice touch that can help people who either took a break from Fortnite or were just generally out of the tournament loop for a while to allow ample time to prepare for the upcoming season.


With the new competitive season going on Fortnite Chapter 2 is in full affect and as the seasons change and we get closer and closer to the World Cup expect a lot more chatter from Esports Vikings, if you’re on the road to that Champion League but don’t know where to start make sure to checkout our guides and if you miss a Season Finale make sure to come back and read up on it!

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Cameron Carr

12 November 2019

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