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Fortnite - Dreamhack Open feat Fortnite - Kickoff event Solo tournament - 17.-26.7.2020

Esports side of Fortnite has been quite quiet for the first half of 2020. Now Dreamhack is going to change that with Dreamhack Open series for Fortnite! Dreamhack Open feat Fortnite will feature monthly tournaments for both European and North American servers. And these monthly tournaments will run for the rest of the year. For each month Dreamhack provides 250 000$ prize pool which is divided between three servers: Europe, North America East and North America West. Kickoff event will feature solo tournament with open qualifiers and best 100 players will get their share of the prize money. If you haven't been watching Fortnite before, go and check out our viewer guide!


The tournament is open to everyone.

The prize pool

$250,000 distributed over three servers.

On the EU and NA EAST servers, the top 100 players will receive cash prizes. On the NA WEST server, the top 75 players will receive cash prizes.

Top 3 prizes

Placement Europe NA East NA West
1. 16 000$ 10 000$ 4000$
2. 8000$ 5000$ 2000$
3. 7400$ 4700$ 1800$

Scoring System

  • 1. 60
  • 2. 53
  • 3. 49
  • 4. 47
  • 5. 46
  • ...
  • 50. 1
  • Eliminations: 5 points

Round 1

  • Round is open for everyone.
  • Two sets, which are 3 hours long.
  • Players can play a maximum of 10 matches during a three hour period.
  • Best 250 players from each set will advance to the round 2.

Round 2

  • 500 players will play a maximum of 10 matches during a three-hour period.
  • The top 100 players will advance to the finals.

Round 3 (Finals)

  • 100 players will play eight matches.
  • A new match starts every 40 minutes.
  • The winner is the player with the most points in total during these eight matches.

Where to watch Dreamhack Open Fortnite matches?

Tournament will be broadcasted on the Dreamhack Twitch.

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Miika Pulkkinen

21 July 2020

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