OWL 2020 Season Changes Breakdown

OWL 2020 Season 

What’s new?

The 2020 Overwatch League Season is coming in hot with a bunch of new scenes and an action packed schedule. A bunch of teams are getting their first home games like the Seoul Dynasty (March) and Shanghai Dragons (February). The first matches are set for February 8th and the season will end on August 9th leading into playoffs.

There are now going to be set Conferences and Divisions with teams getting to play in their home cities. You can check out the Pacific and Atlantic Conference line ups here. Each team is said to play 28 regular season games, 2 against their Conference opponents and 1 against out of Conference opponents.

Breaks in the Regular season.

There will be two breaks in the Regular season that aren’t really breaks, the All-Stars and Midseason tournaments will take place. While these aren’t going to be breaks for every team, they certainly won’t be breaks for fans as we get a whole heck of a lot of Overwatch year round!

You can find the whole schedule for the regular season here.

Looking forward to 2020

After a rowdy 2019 Overwatch World Cup, This season is set up for a lot of great names to be heard and Esports history to be written. The Match Structure has changed a bit with regular season matches being first to three, starting with Control, Hybrid, Assault, Escort and Control to end. There will be a slight rotation from match to match to make sure that each mode is played evenly for each team.

After 2 maps teams will be given a break. The Map pool for the year looks to be changed four times throughout the season but all Control maps will remain in play.

Post Season.

While this may be more important when the time comes we do have information regarding the 2020 postseason that should be shared. Expect another Event article around the start of the post season to reiterate and explain who will be attending! For now let's talk tournament style.

The overall tournament style will be relatively the same as 2019, there will be a play-in stage followed by a double elimination bracket and then the Grand Finals. 7thseed through 12th seed will qualify for play-ins with the 1st through 6th seeds auto qualifying for the bracket stage.

Prize Pools and closing thoughts.

The Midseason tournament boasts a little over $1,000,000 to be given out for 1st-4th place with All-Stars this year having a total prize pool of $250,000! That means All-Stars this year isn't just for bragging rights. The Playoffs Prize pool is huge at $3.7 million to be handed out between 1st and 8th place. 

The 2020 season is set for a monumental year and the Overwatch hype couldn’t be bigger. Make sure to tune in February 8th for the first set of games after the drought.


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