Nation Wars 2019 Finals Recap Article

Straight to the Finnish Line!

As expected the Finland and South Korean teams made it all the way to the Finals without so much as a sneeze. While the South Korean team made some good headway early on in the Finals, nobody could stand up to Serral.


Italy and Reynor trumped Mexico and SpeCial with a match score of 4-2. JimRising, a newly popular talent was unfortunately Reynors first rival in the match and lost the ZvZ on Ephemeron. Cham was able to start Mexico off with a win in the first match against Ryosis but Reynor stumped SpeCial and Cham after SpeCial’s victory against Ryu.

It only took Finland 5 games to take out the very hyped up USA team, USA’s only win came from Future trumping TheMusZero in the first game of the series. Neeb showed good games for the fans but couldn’t pull it off either time he faced Serral and ZhuGeLiang showed up big the whole tournament, but he started with beating MCanning in their match during the series.

Germany and France were not as close as some would have assumed. ShoWTimE was able to beat PtitDrogo early on but fell to rising star Clem twice after HeRoMaRinE lost his TvT against MarineLorD.

An Even harder matchup faced Canada than their North American brethren. They took Korea to 7 games before falling. NoRegreT was able to show off with a 2-1 w/l rate, taking a game off Stats and INnoVation before losing to soO. Scarlett was able to win the ZvZ against soO but she wasn’t able to beat the Korean Protoss or Terran players.


The Italians only win against Finland came from Ryu, besting ZhuGeLiang. He fell to Serral as did the BlizzCon finalist in Reynor. Serral won all three of his matches rather handily and took his teammates to the finals against Korea.

France floundered just like Italy, PtitDrogo walked away with Frances only win against soO. The SK team was able to best Clem and MarineLorD, and PtitDrogo twice over.


Italy won the 3rd place match in a close series. Clem beat Ryosis, Reynor beat PtitDrogo, MarineLorD beat Ryu. Reynor took out MarineLorD and then he and Clem playes their own little Best of Three series. Clem took the first match on Simulacrum, and Reynor swept the next two games.

The Finals went to 8 games with Finland taking it 5-3. Though if it weren’t for ZhuGeLiang stealing a game off of soO the whole Finals may have looked different. Serral fell to Stats and then Stats beat Zhu. if the match between Zhu and soO went the other way, Finland could have lost there. Luckily Serral got to display his true talent against Stats and INnoVation, going 4-1 on the day. 

The matches were all great and as always Nation Wars delivered with some great games all throughout the tournament. If you missed any or want to see how each game played out be sure to watch the VODs at


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Cameron Carr

9 December 2019


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