GSL Season 1 2020 Ro24 Review

2020 GSL Code S Season 1

Round of 24 Review

The first Code S of the year was actually played on site, with most support staff wearing protective masks and players opting not to play with them on but still toting them around for traveling use. Regardless we got to see the start of the first tournament over the past 2 weeks and we have a couple of Surprises! If you’re new to the GSL make sure to check out our tournament page here and if you want to follow along make sure to come back after each round is complete!

Group A

soO (Z) managed to top the group with a clean 4-0 followed by Bunny (T) who managed to take control of his series against sOs (P) finishing 5-3 in the group. This group went as expected as it could have been with Bunny maybe upsetting sOs a little bit

sOs and TRUE (Z) fell with TRUE failing to show any real fight in the group failing to win a single map. soO and Bunny move on to the Round of 16 but looking further it’s difficult to believe that Bunny has any real shot at getting out while soO could very well top any group he ends up in.

Group B

INnoVation (T) topped the group with a clean 4-0 on the day. He looks to be in good form and I think he could go very far in the tournament. Scarlett (Z) pulled off a huge upset against Rogue (Z) finishing the day as the second to get out of the group. The Canadian Zerg player managed to win out over the Super Tournament Champion with some cheeky tactics and aggressive early game play.

Rogue and TOP (T) lost out in this group and although it was nice to see TOP play again here in the Rounf of 24, he still has a bit to go before he can compete in the Round of 16.

Group C

This group had no surprises with Zest (P) topping the group and Cure (T) taking second spot. The games were rather entertaining to watch with DongRaeGu (Z), Zest, and Impact (Z) in the group, unfortunately for the Zerg players, they couldn’t find many wins.

Group D

Group D was by far the most interesting group with each player being relatively around the same level and all seemingly dark horses for the whole tournament. Ragnarok (Z) topped this group with Big Boi PartinG (P) following suit. Dream (T) and Creator (P) fell short, but in all fairness no one in this group would be expected to make it out of the Round of 16.

Group E

Another unsurprising group overall, TY (T) was favored to take it and he did but struggled a bit against returning Terran player Bomber, who almost was able to take both games off of TY. Dear (P) took second to move on and Armani fell just shy of an upset in his series against Dear.

Group F

With the return of TaeJa (T) to the GSL everyone is watching on reminiscing about the Golden days of StarCraft. Stats (P) made sure to put him in his place of course but TaeJa managed to steal second away from both SpeCial (T) and Hurricane (P)

The Round of 16 won't be over for a while so make sure to tune in or follow along with us here at Esports Vikings!

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Cameron Carr

6 May 2020
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