2020 GSL Code S Season 1

2020 Global StarCraft II League Season 1

Unlike the WCS, that has now been assimilated into the ESL Pro Circuit, the Korean GSL remains intact and is as strong as ever before. The new ESL Circuit did include points to be won at the GSL for any player that qualifies and places high enough throughout the year, so it is still a large part of the ESL scene. With GSL Super Tournaments and Code S Tournaments all year round, let’s go over the first Code S which began April 10th!


  • Round of 24  Group Stage Double Elimination Format.
  • All matches are Bo3.
  • Round of 16 Group Stage Double Elimination Format.
  • 12 players from Group Stage 1 and 4 seeded players.
  • Group Nominations.
  • All matches are Bo3.
  • Playoffs:
  • Single-elimination bracket.
  • Quarterfinals are Bo5.
  • Semifinals are Bo7.
  • All 4 players who make it to this round are seeded in next season's Code S
  • Finals are Bo7.

Prize Pool

$140,000 and 6,340 EPT points

Qualified Players

Terran: Maru, Bomber, Bunny, Cure, Dream, INnoVation, SpeCial, Taeja, Top (Kiwian), TY

Protoss: Trap, Creator, Dear, Hurricane, PartinG, sOs, Stats, Zest

Zerg: Dark, Solar, Armani, DongRaeGu, Impact, Ragnorak, Rogue, Scarlett, soO, TRUE

soO, Bunny, INnoVation, and Scarlett have already promoted beating out sOs, TRUE, Rogue, and TOP (Kiwian)


It would be pretty simple to say that Maru, Rogue, Trap, and Dark were all early favorites coming into the tournament but as it stands, Rogue has already been eliminated! The other three players are awaiting in the round of 16 though, and can’t be counted out yet. If Rogue was the fronte runner then Maru simply takes his place but Dark isn’t too far behind in those power rankings.

Make sure to check back for our weekly reviews of the tournament, or if you’re new to StarCraft take a look around and learn more about it in our guides section!

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Cameron Carr

24 April 2020

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