HomeStory Cup XX preview

HomeStory Cup XX

What is the HomeStory Cup?

Dennis “TaKe” Gehlen has been putting on the StarCraft HomeStory Cup in his home in Krefeld germany where he invites star players from around the world to compete one last time for the year. This year for the 20th anniversary, the event will take place in the Tropical Islands near Berlin and will have a Prize Pool of $25,000. Though, HSC has never been about the money. HSC has always been an event where pros, casters, streamers, and fans alike could enjoy StarCraft and StarCraft 2 in a lax environment.

The Tournament layout is an abnormal one for modern SC2. The Group Stage contains 4 groups of 8 players with a Round-Robin Best of 2 style. The top 2 from each group advance to the Round of 8 and the 3rd and 4th place are moved to the lower bracket.

Playoffs are double elimination Best of 5 matches with the Grand Finals being Best of 7.

2019 Attendees.

With 32 players and 25 Commentators and special guests in attendance, this year's HSC is set to be the best yet. Let’s go over the groups;

Group A:

  • Trap (P)
  • Solar (Z)
  • Elazer (Z)
  • Time (T)
  • Cure (T)
  • souL (T)
  • TLO (Z)
  • Taeja (T)

Group B:

  • Serral (Z)
  • SpeCial (T)
  • ShoWTimE (P)
  • uThermal (T)
  • PtitDrogo (P)
  • Kelazhur (T)
  • Bly (Z)
  • MarineLorD (T)

Group C:

  • Stats (P)
  • soO (Z)
  • Zest (P)
  • Lambo (Z)
  • Bunny (T)
  • Clem (T)
  • Zanster (Z)
  • Hellraiser (P)

Group D:

  • Reynor (Z)
  • INnoVation (T)
  • PatinG (P)
  • HeRoMaRinE (T)
  • Harstem (P)
  • Mana (P)
  • SortOf (Z)
  • Denver (Z)

A lot of new faces, old faces, group favorites, and underdogs in each group. We are missing some of the biggest names in SC2 but we have Serral, Stats, and Reynor. In groups this big every map matters and one bad series could be the difference between 4th and 5th place. So choosing a favorite to win it all is a little risky here, but recency bias says Reynor should take it all the way, no matter how much we want Big Boy PartinG to show off for us.

Along with the Host, TaKe, there are a wide variety of popular SC2 influencers and long time casters at the event, the spread looks extremely entertaining with the likes of, Winter, Lowko, ToD, MrBitter, PiG, Artosis, RotterdaM, and DeMusliM on the main stream and Rifkin handling the B-stream. Along with the core casting crew there will be special guests, and plenty of non english streams.

When and where?

The HSC XX begins November 21st at 0300 mst with the main stream being at Make sure to join in on the last big StarCraft 2 event of the year!


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Cameron Carr

21 November 2019

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