GSL 2020 Super Tournament 1

GSL Super Tournament 1 2020

We were hit quick with the news that the Super Tournament was back on and we start it up tomorrow! It will be played without a live audience due to the developing Coronavirus situation. This is the first Korean Circuit tournament of the ESL Pro Tour and as such, ESL points are up for grabs.

GSL Super Tournament 1 2020 Participants


Dear, PartinG, Patience, sOs, Stats, Trap, Zest


Cure, INnoVation, Maru, TY


Armani, Dark, Rogue, Solar, soO

GSL Super Tournament 1 Prize Pool


1590 ESL Pro Tour Korea Points

The EPT Points will be divided up as follows:

1st: 300

2nd: 210

3rd-4th: 140

5th-8th: 90

9th-16th: 55

GSL Super Tournament 1 Style

  • Round of 16 Single Elimination bracket.
  • Ro16 Semifinals are played Best of 5 maps
  • Finals are played best of 7 maps.


There are a lot of big names in the tournament this time around and that makes it difficult to say just who will come out on top but let's take a look at each half of the bracket.

In the top half of the bracket we have TY v Zest, PartinG v Trap, Patience v Dark, and sOs v Rogue. This bracket has most of our favorites as well as our top dark horses so keep an eye on who comes out on top here. Rogue obviously comes ahead as the favorite to take it all home after his IEM Katowice win over Zest. 5 Protoss though is something to watch out for and though some may say Zest got lucky during Katowice, he could very well end up in the finals here too. Overall, we should expect to see a TY v Rogue Semifinals with key upsets being Dark v Rogue and Trap v TY.

The bottom half of the bracket is a little bit of a different story. Neither Maru or Stats are happy drawing each other in the first round as both could easily make it to the Finals in a different bracket. Stats v Maru, soO v INnoVation, Dear v Cure, and Armani v Solar make up this half of the bracket’s matches. Stats and Maru should be favorites to make it to the Finals for sure but the quarter finals are where the true upsets are possible. If soO or INnoVation can steal a win over Stats or Maru, they for sure can ride that momentum all the way to the finals.

The most likely outcomes are Rogue vs Maru or Rogue vs Stats but nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to these things. So make sure to watch the matches and keep an eye on those squirrely Quarterfinal matchups!

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Cameron Carr

18 March 2020

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