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#HomeSweetHome Week 3 - 05.05.2020 - 10.05.2020

#HomeSweetHome is back after a short break! A total of eight weeks will be played in #HomeSweetHome and each week in itself is a mini tournament, which ultimately will lead to a finals playoffs. Each week the teams are fighting for a prize pool of $40,000. The first two weeks saw a repeat winner in BIG, who dominated their way to both wins. The stand out players for BIG has been Florian “syrsoN” Rische and Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş, but in the third week they will get a tough challenge when a team like Complexity Gaming steps into the tournament. Other new teams in #HomeSweetHome to keep an eye would be Team Secret, AVEZ and Mustang Crew. Other than that teams like Virtus.Pro, forZe and Sprout are definitely looking for better results in the future than what they have achieved in #HomeSweetHome this far.


Group A

  • Apeks
  • AVEZ
  • Sprout
  • Virtus.Pro

Group B

  • AGO
  • forZe
  • Mustang Crew
  • Salamander Gaming

Group C

  • Complexity Gaming
  • FATE Esports
  • Nordavind
  • SMASH Esports

Group D

  • BIG
  • Endpoint
  • Team Secret


Group Stage

  • Teams are divided into four blocks with four teams.
  • The blocks are played with a GSL double elimination format.
  • Opening games are played best of one.
  • The remaining games are played best of three.


  • Single elimination Bracket.
  • All matches are played best of three.

The Prize Pool

$40,000 is distributed each week

  • 1. $30,000
  • 2. $10,000




BIG has won two straight weeks of #HomeSweetHome and there is no doubt they arrive to the third one as a favorite to scoop it all again. As mentioned Florian “syrsoN” Rische and Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş have been amazing for BIG and even if XANTARES has received our MVP award twice in a row, it could have been syrsoN twice over just as well. Even if BIG should reach playoffs without much of a sweat the group consisting of them together with SKADE, Team Secret and Endpoint looks quite scary. Playing Endpoint in the best of one opener won’t necessarily be an easy task either and BIG could quickly find themselves in trouble, but we are confident they will ride it out when all is said and done.

Complexity Gaming

One of the newcomers in #HomeSweetHome and its third week, but don’t let that fool you - Complexity is without a doubt one of the strongest teams in the tournament, if not the strongest. Since the team got assembled in the autumn of last year they have a whole lot of impressive results behind them, and during 2020 they have competed against the best of the best in ESL Pro League and lately in Road to Rio. Even if the results there have been up and down they have wins against teams like ENCE, North, BIG, MIBR and GODSENT. Besides that they have taken maps of a bunch of top 10 teams and with that there is no doubt that Complexity Gaming should see a win in their first week of #HomeSweetHome as the only acceptable result.


Virtus.Pro has reached the playoffs in both of the recent weeks of #HomeSweetHome, but unfortunately they had to drop out of the second week due to other commitments. With that said things have still been rocky for the team during 2020 and especially in #HomeSweetHome, which in its level of competition should fit Virtus.Pro. The quality in the team is still high though and just the other day they beat Natus Vincere after a very well played series. When Dzhami “JAME” Ali, Alexey “qikert” Golubev and Timur “buster” Tulepov play on the level they are capable of they can challenge anybody and in the third week of #HomeSweetHome they have all the potential to reach a final, or even better.

Where can I watch #HomeSweetHome?

You can follow all games from #HomeSweetHome live at their Twitch channel.

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Janne Kouva

4 May 2020

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