Event page for #HomeSweetHome: Week 6

CS:GO - #HomeSweetHome Week 6 - 26.05.2020 - 31.05.2020 

#HomeSweetHome is back once again and it’s already time for the sixth week of the tournament to take place! We are seeing quite a few familiar faces, like the reigning champions Heroic and the two time winners Complexity Gaming make their return. The newcomers are HAVU Gaming and sAw. HAVU is coming into #HomeSweetHome straight away as a challenger to win it all and they will like the other teams fight for the $30,000 that gets awarded to the winner every week. Further down we will give a quick preview of our favourites to win together with a couple of dark horses!


Group A

  • Ambush Esport
  • Gambit Youngsters
  • HAVU Gaming
  • Heroic

Group B

  • Apeks
  • Complexity Gaming
  • forZe

Group C

  • Endpoint
  • Salamander Gaming
  • sAw

Group D

  • Hard Legion Esports
  • Nordavind
  • AGF Esport
  • Team Secret


Group Stage

  • Teams are divided into four groups, with four teams each.
  • The groups are played with a GSL double elimination format.
  • Opening games are played best of one.
  • The remaining games are played best of three.


  • Single elimination Bracket.
  • All matches are played best of three.

The Prize Pool

$40,000 is distributed each week

  • 1st $30,000
  • 2nd $10,000




Heroic managed to win it all in their first week of #HomeSweetHome last week after an impressive run with victories over Hard Legion, Team Spirit and SMASH Esports in the playoffs. Casper “cadiaN” Møller, Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen and Martin “stavn” Lund all had outstanding performances through the week and it’s hard to not see the Danish squad as a favourite to go all the way once again. However, this week does offer even tougher competition as Complexity is back and HAVU enters the tournament for the first time.

Complexity Gaming

Complexitys track record in #HomeSweetHome couldn’t be any better, as the team has participated twice and won it all both times. They have simply been an unstoppable train this far and we expect them to do the same this time around, even of the two other favourites at least could challenge them. As hard as it is to pick a few players to highlight from Complexity the two Danes Benjamin “blameF” Bremer and Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke have been a joy to follow in #HomeSweetHome and k0nfig has been our MVP both previous showings. Will he and Complexity complete the triple? It sure looks likely.

HAVU Gaming

HAVU bursted on to the CS:GO scene through their magnificent performance in Flashpoint, where the team ended up grabbing an impressive third spot. Since then the team has also played in BLAST Rising with a whole lot of success. The team has improved quickly and even if the team is truly built on their system and teamplay, we have to highlight Lasse “ZOREE” Uronen and Olli “sLowi” Pitkänen as the two players to watch. 2020 has been a massive success for the Finns and as they now enter #HomeSweetHome there is no doubt they are an early favourite for a deep run. 

Dark horses


Endpoint has played in four previous weeks of #HomeSweetHome and they have done so with incredible consistency. Four playoff showings have still only ended in one semifinal and even if the results are more than respectable it’s time that Endpoint breaks through for real. Having a look at their group with HONORIS, Salamander Gaming and sAw it seems more than obvious another playoff spot is in the hand of Endpoint, but if so, they need to step up their game against the big dogs. If Joey “CRUC1AL” Steusel and Thomas “Thomas” Utting can show up on their absolute best Endpoint is a threat to anybody and we think there is an outside chance the team could upset even the best.

Hard Legion Esports

In the previous week of #HomeSweetHome Hard Legion reached a quarterfinal, but unfortunately they ran into the coming champions Heroic, which lead to a fairly close loss. The team still played rather well and their results in especially ESL One: Road to Rio are impressive to say the least. Igor “Forester” Bezotecheskiy is not only the star of Hard Legion, he’s also one of the biggest talents in CIS, and when he has a good day he makes his team a threat against any team, not only in #HomeSweetHome, but also the world. However the consistency of the team is questionable and while it’s unlikely they will be able to find themselves in a final, it is not completely out of the picture. Hard Legion also has to go through what probably is the toughest group, but we believe they will and in the playoff anything can happen.

Where can I watch #HomeSweetHome?

You can follow all games from #HomeSweetHome live at their Twitch channel. 

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26 May 2020

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