2020 LCK Summer Split

LCK Summer Split 2020

The Korean League of Legends scene starts up a little later than some of the other Major Regions on June 17th, but they also start up fairly soon! We welcome Team Dynamics into the League and APK Prince have been rebranded to SeoulHaeOne Prince. Other than that we get the opportunity to watch another high level season of League of Legends Ping Pong at Riot Korea. If you are new to the Tournament make sure to check out our Viewer Guide

LCK Teams

  • T1
  • DAMWON Gaming
  • DragonX
  • Gen.G
  • Afreeca Freecs
  • Hanwha Life Esports
  • KT Rolster
  • SANDBOX Gaming
  • Team Dynamics
  • SeolHaeOne Prince


Regular Season

  • Double Round Robin
  • All matches are played Best of 3
  • Top 5 teams Qualify for Playoffs
  • 1st seed is given a slot in the Finals
  • 2nd/3rd seeds are given a slot in the 3rd and 2nd Rounds respectively.


  • Top 5 Regular Season Teams participate
  • Round 1 is Best of 3
  • All other Rounds are Best of 5
  • Round One starts with 4th/5th seeds
  • Winner faces 3rd seed
  • Winner faces 2nd seed
  • Winner faces 1st seed in Finals

Prize Pool

300,000,000 SKW paid out 80% to top 5, 20% (10,000,000 each) paid to bottom 5

1st Place Automatically Qualifies for Worlds 2020 Main Event.

2nd: 90 Championship Points

3rd: 70 Championship Points

4th: 40 Championship Points

5th: 20 Championship Points

LCK Betting

Betting on the LCK can be a fickle experience as three are a few more betting options than in other leagues. As each match in the regular season is played Best of 3 you can bet on individual games as well as who takes the series. Make sure to keep a lookout for our weekly previews to find out what our preferred bets are that week!

Where to watch the LCK

Right now there are some problems with viewing the LCK, apart from being at a bad time for North and South American as well as West European countries, there seems to be a few problems with which weeks it will be available on Twitch. For this tournament, we suggest sticking to YouTube for the English broadcast or for the Korean Broadcast, check out AfreecaTV.




When it comes to dynasties none match the sheer success of the SKT/T1 Dynasty. Some people expected them to fall short last Split and they showed some Playoff Dominance that has everyone already expecting another title for this South Korean power house. One thing to note is that they may not take first in the regular season as was the case a few times for the roster. When Playoffs come around though this team is always a heavy favorite.

Gen. G

Gen. G are a world class team that would put any of the number 1 squads from any region to shame in a best of 1 scenario. Their biggest downfall is their inability to pick up Playoff wins and being known for squandering their chances at titles with one bad series between them and a title. While you should expect to see them at the top of the table, even above T1, it is hard to get behind them in a Best of 5 set. Even with the likes of Ruler, Clid, and Bdd fleshing out the roster, their a safe bet for Worlds if not for the LCK Finals.



DragonX have been a very consistent team in the LCK and with very few adjustments could easily climb to the top of the LCK with their roster. They managed third in Spring with a 3 way tie in Series wins being separated by actual game score. Meaning they lost to T1 by 1% and Gen.G topped the table by 2% more matches won. All they need is to beat out that 2%  and they’ll find a ticket to the Worlds 2020 Main Event with minimal effort.


Clinching the 5th Seed with some unfortunate series of events this once proud roster of misfits is getting put in their place by the likes of KT Rolster and T1 who have been around for too long to be pushed around by the kids of the league. That being said the experimentation this roster brings to the league is very much necessary if it is to improve more than the LPL, who has proven twice now that Meta means nothing.


KT Rolster

This team may always play upset, and as far back as the teams inception they were a top squad. In recent years however the curse of KT has become apparent and they aren’t ever a team people can get behind for any reason other than to hope to see them do well. They squeaked up to 4th place in Spring but only barely convincingly and should be expected to fall more 6th or 7th with the changes to the league.


There really aren’t too many reasons to get excited about other teams. Afreeca, Hanwha, Prince, Team Dynamics, they all have a shot at getting 5th and maybe the Freeecs could push for more. In the end the bottom of the pile team to look out for is SANDBOX Gaming. With the addition of Yamatocannon, the team comes fresh out of surviving relegation and that small injection of European touch could be what this team of solid players needs to find success in the league. I was wrong about them in Spring, but not for lack of hopefulness.


Cameron Carr image

Cameron Carr

15 June 2020

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