AllStars 2019 1v1 Recap

1v1s on Howling Abyss

The 1v1 tournament is often everyone’s favorite event. 1v1’s don’t normally happen in League as it is generally a 5v5 game. This year the rules were a little different and they added a few things that weren’t a prospect before.

1 kill, first tower, 100cs win conditions changed to 2 kills, first tower, Sudden Death showdown.

After 7 minutes a ring of fire encircles the players and the Sudden Death win condition is enforced

The new changes made it a little more of a spectacle as players would be forced to fight to the death after 7 minutes of power struggle. A new player was crowned winner this year as well as Caps unfortunately lost out  late into the tournament.

Round of 32

We started off the Ro32 with a classic NA vs EU Support 1v1 featuring Mikyx of G2 and CoreJJ of TL. Both players well known for being the best in their regions and everyone expected a close match, unfortunately for the NA fans, Mikyx won pretty handily.

Clid and AHaHaCiK were next up and with Clid being just about one of the best players in the world, AHaHaCiK took us all by surprise in his upset victory.

TheShy and Exosen followed and while Exosen was a bit of a dark horse TheShy made quick work of him.

Ziv and Evi took to the Howling Abyss next and although Evi came out on top in the end it would be wrong to say that Ziv couldn’t have clutched it in the end.

Last year’s golden boy Pabu faced Seiya next and although the 2018 finalist came in with high expectations he barely scraped out a win with his Nocturne against Seiya’s Heimer.

Bwipo swiftly defeated Bolulu in their matchup, Doinb smashed Ceros, and FoFo won a hardfought match against Optimus to close out the top half of the bracket.

Sneaky fell to Closer but defending champ Caps defeated Chippys with the first Tower win condition.

Two time champ Uzi made a comeback this year taking out Nomanz in his first match while Bang kept NA’s hopes alive defeating Goku.

Shrimp’s return to NA was short lived as he fell to crowd favorite Levi from Vietnam and Faker took out G4.

The G2 boys had their last match of the Ro32 with Jankos taking on Plugo. All of EU rejoiced when their 4th EU representative and 3rd G2 representative moved on.

Tian and Peanut faced off in classic LPL vs LCK Fashion, but just like in the World Championship Finals, Tian just popped off, shoring up the Ro16.

Round of 16

Mikyx continued to impress by taking down AHaHaCiK while TheShy dominated another matchup against Evi.

Pabu’s run was cut short by Bwipo as was Doinb’s by FoFo. some of the favorites for the tournament were cut down before we could see the full 1v1 META.

Closer fell to Caps and NA’s hopes and dreams died with Bang as he let Uzi move on as the better 1v1 Marksmen.

Faker and Levi faced off in the Ro16 and to the surprise of many, Levi was able to take the game, seems NA didn’t break him after all.

Jankos got revenge for the 2019 World Championship Series by taking out Tian in a close 1v1 matchup of Junglers.


Mikyx was cut down by TheShy and Bwip[o defeated FoFo, setting us up for a Top Lane Semifinals that would be too good to pass up. Previous Rookie of the Year award holder Bwipo Would be taking on the scariest Top Laner in the world in TheShy.

The defending champion faced the two time champion and the reign of Caps will live in the shadows of the Uzi Dynasty. G2 placed all their faith in Jankos in his match against Levi but was cut down as Levi moved on to face Uzi in the Semifinal match.


The Semifinals were Best of Three wins this time around, and The Shy and Bwipo traded the first two matches in quite intense bouts. The third match went to Bwipo in the end, proving he was the superior 1v1 player.

Uzi and Levi didn’t have as close a match with the Vietnamese representative failing to take a map off of the Old God that is Uzi. With a Bwipo/Uzi Finals on the Horizon, it seems as though the LPL and the LEC are once again the two strongest regions.


In the first game of the Bo3, Bwipo instalocks Ornn while Uzi went with Varus. Despite a very active game 1 with lots of fighting, it went to Sudden Death just before Uzi knocked down Bwipo’s tower.

Game 2 Uzi brings back the Varus, but this time Bwipo is on the Hecarim, looking to hit like a train. Before the Sudden Death Bwipo was getting poked out and away from Uzi. Once Sudden Death came around though Bwipo was able to all in Uzi with a 1k deficit.

With the series all tied up, match point for both players was reached. Bwipo went for the Renekton with his 3rd pick of the series, but Uzi went for his 3rd Varus pick for a little mind game play. Bwipo picks up two kills before Sudden Death and is crowned the AllStars 2019 1v1 tournament champion! 

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Cameron Carr

10 December 2019

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