2019 TCS Event Preview

The 2019 Tyler1 Championship Series 

The TCS is a League of Legends tournament that was formed by Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp. The event is run by Tyler1 and offers its own flavor of League of Legends tournament. It takes place once a year and is live streamed over Twitch. Tyler puts up the Prize Pool himself and the tournament is winner takes all. Let’s go over some of the details of the tournament.


16 teams play

Single elimination bracket, each match Bo3

Finals are a Bo5 format.

Prize Pool


Winner takes all


Buggle Boys

EU Papadas

Finals Week

Fragas’s Baby Yodas

Full Spectrum

Genius Gang

Golden Gods Unleashed


LowKey Esports

Maryville University

Mirage Esports

Redmercy Turning 30

Sam’s Yams

Team E Turner

Tricky Snakes

Washed Up & Random


This is the third year of the tournament and there is no clear favorite in the tournament but there is a very clear indication of talent. Tyler set a minimum (average) rank and although influencers such as DisguisedToast who fell below the threshold are able to participate as long as the rest of their team is stacked with talent. Look for the tournament to begin December 14th and check out the team breakdown here!

Cameron Carr image

Cameron Carr

14 December 2019

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