League of Legends AllStars 2019 Show Matches Recap

Red vs Blue: AllStars Edition

There are an abundance of show matches every year with a mini Rift Rivals featuring LCS vs Eu and LPL vs LCK. There were also the Tandem Mode, URF and a bounty of others that lead to an entertaining event as AllStars often brings. The main factor behind all of them, is that the point is to have fun. Even when we are having fun we tend to have more of it when we are winning. AllStars teams are all based on the Regions and their players as well as the overarching Red Team and the Blue Team made up of a variety of players from different regions with a few exceptions.

Main Events

Blue Team and Red Team took turns winning, the LEC made a comeback against the LCS in their matchup, the LCK took down the LPL with relative ease, the most solid victory came from the Red Team in the Red vs Blue 5v5 Pro Showdown.

Blue Team in the Showdown was made up of Goku, Clid, Doinb, Uzi, and Jankos while the Red Team in Showdown housed Optimus, Tian, Faker, CoreJJ, and Mikyx. With the mix match of pro players on either team playing off role in almost every regard, the match was one big cluster jam until Red Team was able to take it after 38 minutes and 92 kills between the two teams.

Ultra Rapid Fire

The URF match in day one featured Qingwa, Bolulu, Faker, Caps and Jovi against Goku, AHaHaCiK, Ambition, Doinb and Just Johnny. Some of the best pros in the world combined with some of the most popular Content Creators around duked it out in the Ultra Rapid Fire match that averaged nearly 4 kills a minute with a final score of 74 kills to 64 kills.

The second URF match took place on the third day and featured Bwipo, JustLikeThat, Closer, Peanut and Holy Phoenix on the Blue Side versus FoFo, Jacky, Mikyx, AHaHaCiK and FlashNDNight on the Red Side. This game was a lot more bloody averaging just over 7 kills a minute at 145 kills during the game, win to Blue Side.

There were a lot of other Show Matches that are worth going back and watching the VODs of but if you missed any of the matches mentioned then you HAVE to go back. This was the last Riot Sanctioned event for League this year and with only TCS left in the 2019 season there is going to be a long wait until the first matches begin in 2020 for Spring Splits across the regions.

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Cameron Carr

10 December 2019

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