OWL 2020 Season Week 3 Review

Overwatch League Week 3 Review

With the third week of the Overwatch League done with, we got a good look at some of the  teams from week one. Unfortunately for the hosts in Washington Justice, everyone showed up this week in a big way and there is plenty to go over. If you missed any of the matches from last week, make sure to check out our Week 2 Review (https://www.esportsvikings.com/overwatch/owl-2020-week-2-review-news) and for more information regarding the 2020 Overwatch League season make sure to check out our Event page! (https://www.esportsvikings.com/overwatch/overwatch-2020-season-event)

Overwatch League Week 3 Matches

New York Excelsior 1-3 Philadelphia Fusion

The two teams were 2-0 coming into this match and neither could be considered true favorites this early in the year. After the first two maps though it became clear that the Fusion were a step ahead of New York winning Busan 2-1 and Horizon 2-0. Excelsior did manage to take the third map, Havana in a close fight ending 3-2. New York made a statement on Eichenwalde losing just barely 3-4. The Fusion pulled ahead of everyone else with this win, though we still have a lot of Overwatch left.

Boston Uprising 3-2 Houston Outlaws 

For fans of the scene this was a quality series going all the way to seven maps and often times ending with a photo finish. Boston was overall the better team as evident in their win here but they found themselves lacking in stopping power allowing the Outlaws to draw two maps and win two maps. The seventh map was Lijiang tower and Boston was able to rally for a swift 2-0 to close out the series. If you missed this one, it’s a hefty two and a half hour VOD but well worth the watch.

Paris Eternal 3-1 Washington Justice

This first showing in week 3 from the Justice resulted in their second loss of the season and the first of the weekend, on Temple of Anubis the squad managed to steal a 2-1 victory but fell short on every other map. Paris Eternal were lucky to find a win here in the grand scheme of things but the team and fans alike probably couldn’t be happier.

New York Excelsior 3-0 Houston Outlaws

The shortcomings out of the Outlaws squad returned in this match with an overall point score of 7-1 for New York. Some may have had high hopes based on the close series between the Outlaws and Boston, but the hopes were crushed by New York’s high caliber team just simply outclassing that of the Houston squad.

Toronto Defiant 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion

Boston and Houston may boast the best match of the week but Toronto and Philadelphia definitely had the best Map of the week in Kings Row. The Kings Row spread was 6-5 in favor of the Defiant and tied the series up at 2-2. The Fusion were able to rally on Nepal 2-0 to take the series. An overall solid week for the Fusion if not a tad disappointing. 

London Spitfire 3-2 Washington Justice

A bit of a heartbreaker for Washington fans as they lose out to the rookie London Spitfire squad but a close fought series all the same. The Justice were able to take the first two maps in Oasis and Hanamura2-0 and 2-1 respectively, but were absolutely shut out on Dorado and Blizzard World. Nepal ended the series and the Spitfire were able to take it 2-1 with an impressive reverse sweep. And 0-2 week for the Justice here, while not favorable, hasn’t completely ruled them out of anything just yet.

OWL Week 3 Standings

1. Philadelphis Fusion 4-0
2. Vancouver Titans 2-0
3. San Francisco Shock 1-0
4. New York Excelsior 3-1
5. Paris Eternal 2-1
6. Toronto Defiant  1-1
7. Florida Mayhem 1-1
8. Los Angeles Valiant 1-1
9. Boston Uprising 1-1
10. London Spitfire 1-2
11. Washington Justice 1-3
12. Rest of League  0-0
13. Los Angeles Gladiators 0-1
14. Dallas Fuel  0-2
15. Houston Outlaws 0-4

Next week we get to see the Atlanta Reign for the first time and so far the Eastern based team matches have been postponed indefinitely as long as the Coronavirus holds up as it has been. Make sure to check back in for updates regarding each week as the season progresses!


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