OWL Week 2 Review 2020

OWL 2020 Week 2 Review 

The Overwatch League felt the effect of the Coronavirus as the Shanghai homestead games were postponed this weekend leaving us with only two matches a day. If you missed any of last weeks matches make sure to check out our Week 1 Review! Make sure to check out all the updates to the new season here and come back each week for updates on the leagues progression.

Overwatch League Week 2 Matches

Florida Mayhem vs Houston Outlaws


Florida showed up in a big way in their first match of the weekend and Map 2, Havana showed the strength in both sides of the team with Florida squeezing out one point to win the escort wars. A relatively quick series that the Mayhem truly bested the Outlaws all around in.

Washington Justice vs Philadelphia Fusion


The Fusion ended up winning this one but not without some errors. Each match was close fought but Washington just didn't have what it took to take it and end. The Fusion were able to win each Map by 1 point. As long of a series as it was the excitement was quickly over for many viewers upon realizing this was all the Overwatch for the day. That being said if there was a series to watch this weekend, this is it.

Washington Justice vs Houston Outlaws


The Justice really didn’t want the Outlaws to play this series, in the first two maps they were virtually shut out of the game and the Justice took it upon themselves to prove dominance. The Outlaws almost threatened the third map but fell just short at the last possible second and were shut down by Washington.

Florida Mayhem vs Philadelphia Fusion


Philadelphia fusion obliterated the Mayhem but there were some signs of life from the squad and though they lost here they may be a better team than they showed last year which is a good look moving forward. The Fusion on the other hand, while they finish 2-0, struggled along the way and may be a little worse for wear. 

Overwatch League Week 2 Standings

  1. PHL. Fusion 2-0
  2. NY Excelsior 2-0
  3. VNC Titans 2-0
  4. Toronto Defiant 1-0
  5. SF Shock 1-0
  6. Paris Eternal 1-1
  7. FL Mayehm 1-1
  8. LA Valiant 1-1
  9. Rest of League
  10. LA Gladiators 0-1
  11. BOS Uprising 0-1
  12. DAL Fuel 0-2
  13. LON Spitfire 0-2
  14. Houston Outlaws 0-2

Remember to check back each week for updates on matches you may have missed and all the games are streamed on YouTube each weekend.

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20 February 2020

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