OWL 2020 Mid Season Update

2020 OWL Mid Season Update

Since the Overwatch League was postponed due to COVID-19 they have played out a few weeks of friendlies with the newly released character Echo and have continued on with the season remotely. Now that all of the issues have been ironed out we will continue on with our weekly reviews, starting with this update! If you are new to the Overwatch League make sure to check out our Tournament page here!


The Eastern based teams are now equalizing in the standings since having a late start to the season and aside from that not much else has changed in the standings. The broadcasts are working a lot better than some of the other Esports being played remotely and that’s saying a lot considering the issues the OWL had with their original broadcasts. Overall, the season has been progressing very well despite the goings on in the world.

Echo hasn’t been able to make waves in pro play as of yet but definitely has some massive potential as a hybrid Hero. When Echo finally does make a splash in the pro scene, expect it to stick around for a while. Echo is the final Hero to be released for Overwatch and with Overwatch 2 to be implemented soonTM, we shouldn’t expect many more changes until 2021.


1 Philadelphia Fusion 9-1
2 Shanghai Dragons 8-1
3 New York Excelsior 7-1
4 Seoul Dynasty 3-1
5 San Francisco Shock 5-2
6 London Spitfire 3-2
7 Atlanta Reign 4-3
8 Paris Eternal 5-4
9 Florida Mayhem 4-4
10 Vancouver Titans 2-2
11 Los Angeles Gladiators 3-3
12 Toronto Defiant 4-5
13 Hangzhou Spark 4-5
14 Dallas Fuel 3-4
15 Guangzhou Charge 4-5
16 Houston Outlaws 4-7
17 Chengdu Hunters 3-7
18 Los Angeles Valiant 2-6
19 Washington Justice 2-8
20 Boston Uprising  1-8


As expected, the Fusion, Dragons, and Excelsior sit atop the standing by a large margin. The biggest failure so far this season so far has to be the Boston Uprising with a total map score of 7 wins 26 losses and 2 ties, though they could soon be followed by the Vancouver Titans who are 2-2 with all of their series being excruciatingly close. We expect to see a bit more out of the San Francisco Shock before the end of the season, and the Rookie team that is the London Spitfire are making a huge statement holding onto that 6th place spot. They are trailing behind in games played though so they better come back swinging in their next couple of series if they want to hold it.

The way the standings are set at the moment, one win or loss can catapult a team up the standings, or drag them down a fair way. With so much volatility in the middle of the split after a huge delay caused by current events, every game matters more and more here on out. So make sure to tune in!

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Cameron Carr

5 May 2020

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