2020 OWL Week 1 Review

 Overwatch League Week 1 Review

The Overwatch league kicked off this weekend with a bunch of one-sided matches and some seriously questionable production choices. We won't dwell on the production’s shortcomings but they will be quickly noted for due justice. Make sure to check out all the updates to the new season here and come back each week for updates on the leagues progression.

Overwatch League Week 1  Matches

Toronto Defiant vs Paris Eternal


Toronto Defiant got the first win of the season only dropping one map to Paris Eternal and finishing off Map 4 on Havana in a 3-0 fashion. Though the team only played one match this week, Toronto showed up in a big way and though they aren’t clear cut favorites, no one can be happier to take a win here.

London Spitfire vs New York Excelsior


New York Excelsior won this match against a near fully fledged roster of rookies, but nevertheless looked exceptionally strong following their Map 1 loss. The final teamfight of the series was unfortunately blocked by a static Cheez it “Crunch Time” ad and 18 Thousand viewers plus missed out on the action.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Vancouver Titans


In the most back and forth, close series of the weekend, the Vancouver Titans won out over the Gladiators trading maps and experimenting more with Heroes than the previous 4 teams had.

Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel


The LA Valiant faltered similarly to Excelsior earlier in the day, barely losing the first map but ultimately winning out the series in a long drawn out fashion. The Fuel almost made an argument for themselves in Map 4 but Valiant held their own at the last second to clinch the victory.

London Spitfire vs Paris Eternal


Paris Eternal were able to come out of week 1 with a win against the London Spitfire in a dominant fashion. Looking forward to the Spitfire, the team of mostly rookies needs a little more time to click before they can show any real promise but still looked good on the week. Paris are looking lackluster over all but a win here will mean a lot to the squad.

Boston Uprising vs New York Excelsior


In probably the quickest series of the week New York dismantled Boston Uprising in nearly all three maps. Boston finally showed up to the series to no avail in Map three and overall looked to be the worst team this weekend.

San Fransisco Shock vs Dallas Fuel 


The first look at one of the season Favorites in the Shock didn’t disappoint. They won an overwhelming 3-1 in the last series of the week. No fans were disappointed this series, except for the Fuel fans who witnessed their team go 0-2 in the opening week. 

Overwatch League Week 1 Standings

NY Excelsior 2-0

VAN Titans 2-0 

TOR Defiant 1-0

SF Shock 1-0

PAR Eternal 1-1

LA Valiant 1-1

Rest of League 0-0

LA Gladiators 0-1

BOS Uprising 0-1

DAL Fuel 0-2

LDN Spitfire 0-2

Remember to check back each week for updates on matches you may have missed and all the games are streamed on YouTube each weekend.

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13 February 2020

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