OWL 2020 Week 4 Review Page

OWL 2020 Week 4 Review

This week we got to see the Atlanta Reign roster in full effect as they played both days but they didn’t really shake up the standings all that much. New York continues to dominate and London Spitfire begin to show that their rookie squad is something to be feared. If you missed any of the matches from Week 3 make sure to check out our Review page and if you’re new to the Overwatch League check out our tournament page here!

OWL 2020 Week 4 Matches

New York Excelsior 3-0 Florida Mayhem

A rather standard match all things considered where Excelsior just overturned everything Mayhem tried to accomplish. A 2-0 on Ilios set the stage for New York early on and even though King’s Row had a scoreline of 4-3 there was never much faith for Florida to score a win here. The third map was a nice 2-1 for New York and the second point hold was spectacular from the squad as they are showing up to be favorites for the whole season. 

Toronto Defiant 0-3 Atlanta Reign

Our first look at the Reign squad was rather exciting but proved to be lackluster come the end of the series. They took the series 3-0 of course but it felt as though if Toronto was playing a different day they may have come out on top here. A bit of a misleading point spread of 5-1 in favor of Atlanta but Blizzard World was settled with a single point for Atlanta and holds from both sides, for an ultimately boring set.

London Spitfire 3-2 Houston Outlaws

In a 5 map set that started out so well for the Spitfire turned around in maps 3 and 4 where the Outlaws were able to edge out wins. Ilios went the way of London but aside from the first Map. The point score was a Spitfire favored 9-7 but was nonetheless a close series between the two.

Boston Uprising 0-3 Philadelphia Fusion

Boston was doomed from the start coming into this one, the Fusion haven’t even reached their peak yet and don’t seem to have much competition coming out of the teams having played thus far. A swift 3-0 victory in the series was to be expected and only losing 2 points in 3 maps is a feat in itself. 

Paris Eternal 3-1 Atlanta Reign

A bit surprising was the Atlanta loss in this series, maybe it wasn’t so surprising it happened after their first series against Toronto and how shaky it felt but the point spread was 9-6 in favor of Paris who coming into this series were having close victories and absolute defeats. We will need to see more out of Atlanta after this week before finding confidence in them but Paris has solidified a great spot in the standings while still a series to be played behind New York and two behind Philadelphia.

London Spitfire 3-2 Florida Mayhem

This was almost the epitome of a close series, the first four maps were traded one after another in 2-1, 4-3 fashion. Map 5 on Oasis fell to the Spitfire with a 2-0 point spread and showed that the rookie squad has what it takes to be better than other teams in the League. The only thing that could have made this series better would have been tied maps so make sure to go back and watch this one if you have the time.

Toronto Defiant 1-3 Houston Outlaws

The Defiant teased fans with a Map 1 victory on Nepal but were completely shut out the following 3 maps and this came as a bit of surprise considering the Outlaws hadn’t found a victory prior to this series, but they made sure to take this one without much contest. admittedly , King’s Row could have gone either way but it felt more Outlaws favored from the start. 

OWL Week 4 Standings

1. Philadelphia Fusion 5-0
2. Vancouver Titans 2-0
3. San Francisco Shock 1-0
4. New York Excelsior 4-1
5. Paris Eternal 3-1
6. London Spitfire 3-2
7. Atlanta Regin 1-1
8. Los Angeles Valiant 1-2
9. Boston Uprising 1-2
10 Washington Justice 1-3
11. Toronto Defiant 1-3
12. Florida Mayhem 1-3
13. Houston Outlaws 1-5
14. Rest of League 0-0
15. Los Angeles GGladiators 0-1
16. Dallas Fuel 0-2

We had a bit of a longer week than we have become accustomed to with the extra series but we are still waiting to get into the full swing of things so make sure to check back each week for matches you may have missed!


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