OWL 2020 Week 5 Review Page

OWL 2020 Week 5 Review

The Washington Justice hosted this week of the Overwatch League and we found a couple of surprise victories for the teams we’ve been following thus far! If you’ve missed any of the previous matches make sure to check out or Week 4 Review and if you’re new to the Overwatch League, take a look at our OWL Tournament page here!

OWL Week 5 Matches

Toronto Defiant 1-3 Florida Mayhem

The Defiant came into this series pretty hot and were able to take Busan 2-1 before falling in the next 3 maps fairly convincingly. Florida looked to be a league above Toronto and although Support player Kellex did his best for his team on Hanamura, it wasn’t enough to stop the Mayhem lineup. A lot of work needs to be done before the Defiant can show any true strengths.

Paris Eternal 0-3 Houston Outlaws

At first glance this series looks a little one sided, but in truth each map was played to its fullest extent and though Paris failed to take a map, the map pool was a little more volatile than we are used to seeing. Oasis, Havana, Eichenwalde can be held down by either team fairly easily in the right scenario, unfortunately for the Eternal, Houston were the ones that found that small edge on each map. On another day Paris could have taken this series just as handily.

Boston Uprising 1-3 Washington Justice

A rather close series that went the way of the Justice, which is good for them to find a win on the week that they hosted the Overwatch League. Boston Uprising were able to take map 1 on Busan but couldn’t clinch the rest of the maps, falling short one point each time. One of the better series to watch coming out of this week for sure.

Paris Eternal 3-2 Philadelphia Fusion

The best series of the weekend, going all the way to the 5th map. Paris Eternal took Ilios and Junkertown, but fell to the Fusion on Blizzard World and Hanamura. In a close 2-1 match on Oasis the Eternal clinched out the series and this has to be the match of the week, simply too much fun to watch. This marked the first loss for the Fusion so far, which makes the Eternal set up for some good 

New York Excelsior 3-1 Washington Justice

Probably to the surprise of nobody the New York Excelsior claimed this series in a pretty convincing way. Washington came out on top on the first map, Nepal, but were quickly shut down by Excelsior in the proceeding maps. Most notably in this series was the 3-1 score spread on King’s Row where New York had an incredible hold against the Justice.

Boston Uprising 0-3 Atlanta Reign

In one of the most one sided looking matches of the week we saw Atlanta steal every map away from Boston. Up to this point boston has left us wanting more and beforehand it looked like the two teams would be on equal footing, but the Reign held strong and toppled the Uprising with a 7-3 score spread. 

The 5th week of the Overwatch League had a normal 6 matches and we still haven’t gotten to see any of the Eastern based teams play due to the COVID-19 endemic. Nevertheless, the show must go on and come next week we will see even more separation come out between these teams and the Eastern teams. Make sure to check back here for weekly updates on the Overwatch League!

OWL 2020 Week 5 Standings

1. Vancouver Titans 2-0
2. San Francisco Shock 1-0
3. New York Excelsior 5-1
4. Philadelphia Fusion 5-1
5. Paris Eternal 4-2
6. Atlanta Reign 2-1
7. London Spitfire 3-2
8. Los Angeles Valiant 1-1
9. Florida Mayhem 2-4
10. Washington Justice 2-4
11. Houston Outlaws 2-5
12. Toronto Defiant 1-4
13 Boston Uprising  1-4
14. Rest of League 0-0
15. Los Angeles Gladiators 0-1
16. Dallas Fuel 0-2
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9 March 2020

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