LCS Summer 2020 Week 3 Preview

LCS Summer Split 2020 Week 3 Preview

With the third week of the LCS upon us we have more to preview and a few things to go over in preparation for the events. If you are new to the LCS make sure to check out our Summer Split Tournament page here

Match and Bet of the Week

The Match of the week is is TL vs C9, in recent years this has always been an anticipated matchup and while the hype has for sure died down a bit since Spring, TL is looking better under a new coach and Jatt taking on Reapered in draft is exciting enough let alone seeing just how much TL has improved.

The bet of the week is betting behind TSM in their match against EG, odds range from 2.4-2.53 which is really high, and while the payoff will be worth it anywhere should TSM come out on top, are offering the highest payout at 2.53 so make sure to check out our Operator Review for them here before making the decision.


FlyQuest vs Counter Logic Gaming

We’ve seen a lot of fight out of CLG thus far and though they got perfect gamed by EG in week one, this will be the real test of whether or not CLG has improved as a whole. They are by no means the favorites coming into this one but so long as they give a good showing in this match then maybe we will reconsider betting behind them. Until then though FLY are heavily favored in this one.

Team Liquid vs Cloud9

We are still in the early stages of summer and while it would seem as though TL are a better team than they were earlier this year, it seems to be a known fact that they still can’t trump C9 in scrims and there is very little reason to believe that they’ll be able to change that on stage. TL may very well be the second best team currently, but it should for sure stay that way for the time being. This is the match of the week for obvious reasons so make sure to tune in to Friday Night League, which is getting better every week I promise.

100 Thieves vs Counter Logic Gaming

I had high hopes for 100T coming into the Summer Split, needless to say they’ve let me down, but perhaps the fact that their schedule for the rest of the first round robing they will face teams struggling almost as much as them, this will be the match that decides if we bet behind them for the next couple of weeks. They statistically should win out this match with ease and if they don’t I can already kiss my power rankings goodbye.

Team SoloMid vs Evil Geniuses

I think that overall Evil Geniuses are going to be favored to win, as they should be, but I have a feeling this is the game TSM will surprise everyone and mount a run for the title this split. For that reason, and the fact that have the best odds for this match, the bet of the week is TSM winning this one. At time of writing, the odds are 2.53 for TSM to win and 1.48 for EG to win, which is a better payout if TSM does win than every other Betting Operator we’ve reviewed. EG are favored of course, but this is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Team Liquid vs Dignitas

Unlike their match against C9, Team Liquid are the big favorites here, and for good reason. Dignitas have not shown any real form so far and are honestly probably looking at that 9th spot TL finished in at the end of Spring. This match won't help DIG gain much confidence but they should already be looking towards their next one which is… even less likely an upset.

Golden Guardians vs Immortals

It isn’t often that GG get to be the favorites in a match. Here it is though, IMT have looked absolutely terrible so far this split and from what seems to be internal struggles with the benching of Xmithie and while Potluck hasn’t looked all that bad, the rest of his team sure has. So unless XZmithie comes back to whip everyone into shape I wouldn’t expect them to put up much of a fight. The Mid Lane will be super interesting to watch as Damonte and Eika face off for the first time though and if he smashes lane trust that I'll have a lot to say about IMT the rest of the split.

100 Thieves vs Team SoloMid

If 100T were in better shape then this would have easily been the Match of the Week for me. Of course TSM haven’t had the best of starts either but managing to go 2-2 is much more promising than 1-3 no matter who the opponents were. That is probably the only thing that goes in 100T’s favor, they’ve faced a majority of better teams so far and maybe we will see them at their best against TSM, but I doubt it.

Immortals vs Cloud9

Not too long ago IMT twitter made a comment that was an attempt at a joke to try and keep up with the rest of the big brands in the LCS, at the expense of C9, and it was not well received by anybody. This match however, will definitely be the biggest joke of the split as C9 win this 99 times out of 99 times. 

Golden Guardians vs FlyQuest

SeaQuest will be able to rack up some donations this match for sure, and GG being favorites will be short lived as they end the week 1-1, which will still be better than some teams. Much like the C9/IMT game, this is pretty straightforward as GG are simply outclassed at every avenue.

Team Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses

This match makes me a little uneasy. I, like everyone, am sure that EG is the better team and will finish higher than DIG bny the end of the Split but this week was just too straightforward. Discounting the TSM bet this could certainly be the biggest upset of the week, or maybe I just somewhere deep inside want to see EG lose. Their whole team is much better than what DIG have to offer though and either way they get my vote for the week.

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27 June 2020
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