2020 LCS Summer Split W2 Preview

LCS Summer Split Week 2 Preview

The first week of the LCS we saw the like of TSM and Team Liquid, Cloud9 and FlyQuest face off in heavyweight battles, this week we get to see much of the same as well as see EG go 2-0, making the arms race spicy as our three 2-0 teams are Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Cloud9. If you are new to the LCS make sure to check out our new Summer Split Event Page and our LCS Power Rankings coming into Summer.

Match and Bet of the Week

The obvious Match of the Week sees Cloud9 take on Cloud9.2 in Evil Geniuses. Both teams came out of week 1 undefeated and face each other on Saturday, June 20th. Everyone is going to assume Cloud9 will walk away with the victory, as are we, but there is quite an argument to be made for Evil Geniuses so make sure to read below!

Our bet of the week is going to be with GG.Bet! One of our favorite betting operators and the reason for that is their odds for the Team Liquid vs EG game on Sunday! Make sure to check out that match preview and our Operator Review for GG.Bet especially if you’re interested in betting!

Week 2 Matches

Counter Logic Gaming vs Golden Guardians

A tale of two underdogs for this split should turn into quite the match. CLG showed a lot of issues in week 1 getting Perfect Gamed by Evil Geniuses, but they also showed up with a victory against Immortals! Golden Guardians similarly went 1-1 beating Dignitas before falling to Team Liquid. The biggest take away was GG taking the fight to Team Liquid and losing WITH a big lead while CLG fell without so much as an objective to their name. GG should win by a decent margin.

Immortals vs Team SoloMid

As far as the LCS is concerned we aren’t really considering IMT one of ours. It is difficult to tell whether they are a true NA team or not with their decision this off season and I am happy to say I see very few games where I predict them to win. Last split these two teams shared the longest game of the split in the early stages, TSM will be looking to cut that time with a victory here, and some momentum for the return of TSM Doublelift.

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves

Poor 100 Thieves, they have what has to be the most difficult schedule to start the split between all the teams in the LCS. Team Liquid went 2-0 last week and Broxah is starting to return to form which makes it very difficult to see a 100 Thieves victory here. I expect to see them find their way after this week though, but for now TL all the way.

Team SoloMid vs FlyQuest

People are going to hype up the TL vs TSM rivalry as one of the biggest in the history of the LCS, but realistically, I see this match as one of the biggest rivalries since Reggie and Hotshot. It could be a coin flip, or it could be TSM stomping out the flame I see in this match, either way TSM should come out on top in this one, as long as Spica can finally figure it out.

Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses

I will forever make the C9.2 joke until these two teams no longer share the number of players they do, but that’s part of what makes it the Match of the Week. Kumo, Svenskeren, and Zeyzal still echo the C9 of 2019 and still start for Evil Geniuses. It seems that the addition of Huni is merely a coaching role for now, helping to improve Kumo’s Top lane abilities and so far it seems to be working. However, Licorice was notorious for beating Huni in lane in his Freshman year with C9, so to think Kumo backed by Huni could stop Licorice seems like a long shot. C9 should quash this match, assuming they’ve shaken off the cobwebs we saw last week.

Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming

I am known to take risks in my predictions, but let me explain why CLG is going to win this game. These two teams have equally sad stories stemming from Spring Split and so far, CLG is the only one looking to rewrite that story. DIG lost Huni and Damonte from their depth chart and while they managed to grab Dardoch and V1per, neither are capable of replacing Damonte and while V1per is historically better than Ruin, Pobelter is historically better than DIG. it could be a super close match but CLG should be able to win it.

Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid

Our Bet of the Week match is backing Team Liquid in this one. We love all the Betting Operators but GG.Bet, at time of writing, have Evil Geniuses favored to win with decimal odds of 1.75 for EG and 2.05 for TL. TL could very easily win this match if they have truly found a return to form and there is no reason to believe this isn’t a clear 50/50 match. EG finished second last split while TL finished 9th sure, but TL are only one split removed from their 4 ships in a row run.

FlyQuest vs Dignitas

This will be a good game for FlyQuest to breathe while V1per will be looking to exact revenge on Solo for swooping in and stealing his thunder. He, of course, should never be able to but this is very similar to the Doublelift vs TL storyline with a little less spotlight. A lot of people will be looking at Dignitas hoping the veterans can pull through, but FlyQuest has the manpower to beat DIG any day of the week.

Golden Guardians vs Cloud9

Cloud9 should find themselves in the midst of another 2-0 week by the end of this one. Golden Guardians however should be looking past this match and spend more energy attempting to take down the likes of EG or TSM to make a statement. Nobody is expecting them to win, and while they may get crushed here, it shouldn’t crush their hopes for the split entirely.

100 Thieves vs Immortals

Here’s the match 100 Thieves have been waiting for. This is where their split truly begins and I fully believe that from here on out they’ll only lose 1 more game, to Cloud9 and make a run for the title in playoffs. Immortals aren’t going to find much support from anyone going into this match and will find even less coming out of it.

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19 June 2020
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