LCK Summer Split 2020 W2 Preview

LCK Summer Split Week 1 Preview

The LCK is starting back up and the games are on every single day starting Wednesday June 17th until Sunday the 21st and ahead of the matches we wanted to help with some predictions and see where, if any, bets are looking good to us! If you’re new to the LCK make sure to check out our summer event page here, and let’s get looking at the matches.

Match and Bet of the week.

The Match of the week is going to be T1 vs DragonX on the first day of the Split, both are quality teams and seeing the Split winners in action is going to be a great time!

Our Betting Operator for this week's set of games is Betway for sure. They have some of the best odds on the market and are one of the only sites even offering the LCK! Unfortunately, the best odds aren’t always, the best odds so to speak, so a match of the week/bet of the week was difficult to choose. This week's bet though, is going to have to be betting behind Team Dynamics in their match against the Freecs on Saturday. The odds are, at time of writing, 1.45 for the Freecs and 2.55 for Team Dynamics. Read below for why!

Week 1 Matches

Afreeca Freecs vs SANDBOX Gaming

SANDBOX Gaming are back with a vengeance after beating relegation in Spring and with YamatoCanon bringing his EU experiences to the LCK to be the first ever non-Korean head coach in Korea, all eyes are on this squad. We would like to see them win but the strength of a relegation team is so much weaker than that of even a mid table finishing team such as the Freecs, that until we can see how the SANDBOX squad plays, we have to bet against them here.

DragonX vs T1

Two of the strongest teams with the scales tilted in favor of T1 face off on the first day of the Summer Split. Betway, at time of writing, has the odds for this match listed as 2.55 for DragonX and a deserving 1.45 for T1. This is a more or less fair bet but the total strength of the DragonX squad isn’t that far off from T1, but people are obviously going to favor the most recent Split winners who were T1 by the end of it all. We don’t think that the odds are wrong for DragonX, but they may be well worth it to anyone willing to see an upset straight out of the gates of the Split.

KT Rolster vs Team Dynamics

In similar fashion to the Freecs match, we expect KT Rolster to come out years ahead of Dynamics. The main reason being that Dynamics have only just joined the LCK for the first time out of the relegation tournament. Not much to say here but that upset we were talking about, not likely to happen in this one at all.

Prince vs Hanwha Life

This match is very interesting, neither team really showed much in Spring and I expected the odds to be a lot closer on this one. Hanwha Life is favored to win but in truth I’m not entirely convinced. Prince has a bit more to prove for sure but they beat out Griffin and SaNDBOX Gaming in Spring which was an enormous surprise. We will have to see on this one but I wouldn’t be surprised by a small upset here.

SANDBOX Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming

The two capslock warriors meetup on Friday and DAMWON really should have this one in the bag. SANDBOX, are the Golden Guardians of Korea, we want to see them win but until they do we can’t really cheer for them. A straightforward match in a straightforward week.

DragonX vs Gen.G

These two teams are very very similar in terms of playstyle and strength. GEN.G should be slight favorites and considering their finish last Split I’d say they should definitely win this one, and they’ll have to if they want to mount a campaign as good as they did in Spring. DragonX have probably their hardest week of games the first week of the Split and should they pick up a win, then we will have to keep an eye on the odds for their matches in the future.

Afreeca Freecs vs Team Dynamics

As mentioned above, betting on Dynamics to win this one is our bet of the week. They are a team who have so much to prove and the Freecs are one of the weakest teams they’re going up against in the LCK all year. We aren’t entirely sure what they’re capable of and as long as they have a good showing against KT Rolster, or the Freecs get shut down by SANDBOX, then we will be even more supportive of this bet!

T1 vs Hanwha Life

Hanwha Life can hold their own when it matters most but they don’t always take home the win. This will be one of those cases where it may look like they’re going to win at some point, but they simply don't have what it takes to take down T1 here. 

KT Rolster vs Gen.G

Gen.G should once again be considered favorites and should go 2-0 this week. That being said KT and DragonX aren’t all that different in terms of strength. KT finished 4th in a miraculous run in Spring and although they finished 5th in the playoffs, they can’t be discredited. Regardless Gen.G would be kicking themselves if they lost this one.

Prince vs DAMWON Gaming

This match will be one of the most one sided ones of the week and in my opinion is, even more so than T1 vs Hanwha Life. DAMWON is a team that you should always be worried about finishing in the top 3 and Prince hasn't even gotten to make an argument for mid table yet. Expect a clean sweep to finish out week 1 of games.

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19 June 2020
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